Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Vegan Potato Soup with Cauliflower and Binge Streaming

I had a head of cauliflower that was on the edge of not being at its best and since I loathe to waste food I searched for a quick and easy soup recipe. Here is what I found on About. com.

Vegan Potato Soup with Cauliflower

It was very good and yes I made a few changes. I used coconut oil, four cloves of garlic and two potatoes. I also added sharp cheddar as opposed to soy cheese. it was very yummy. I think it could be taken up a bit with some chilies or crushed red pepper, but all in all, a very tasty and filling soup. I used my immersion blender which I love and it made it nice and smooth. Also, I made soy sausage bread using my mom's recipe and that was just fantastic. Best part? It was the first time I ever thought to use the soy sausage in the bread. I always make it as artichoke, but I have to say, using the Tofurky sun dried tomato sausage rocked!! 

So far House of Cards has been excellent. We are only at episode 4, but it is a well done show and Kevin Spacey deserves to be nominated. The interesting thing to me and probably to other long time Netflix users, is all the articles regarding the show focus on binge streaming. Pulling up a show and just watching it for hours as if it is some new phenomenon. I am guilty of doing that since Netflix began to offer streaming. And not only do I binge, I am a repeat binger. Right now, Arrested Development is back in my queue and gets played when I am cooking and my son is paying to chatting with me. "The Tudors" had also been back up a few months ago. I love that series. Especially the story line with Anne Boleyn. I do not always have movies on. Sometimes the house is quiet and  sometimes music is on instead via Pandora, but I admit I am a junkie for certain shows. What I've really enjoyed is how one is no longer required to be home for a show. We all have lives to lead and people want things on their own terms and obviously we will all pay to have that privilege.
A few years ago, my husband did a binge viewing of the Showtime series "The L Word". I did "Law and Order: Criminal Intent". Recently, "Keeping Up Appearances", which has always been a favorite, put 45 episodes on to Netflix and in a day or two, I was done. What I like is I can watch something and get back to it. I do have a toddler and let's face it, having kids or not, viewing television is not a priority for a lot of folks, so streaming is a great option to have. I even go on PBS and stream Downton Abbey because I do not have a television to watch regular channels on. Everything is watched via computer in our little casa. I never thought I would buy into it years ago when my husband first started telling me about it from articles he had read. But here I am. A big fan of the stream. I hope Netflix succeeds with this because it might bring a whole new dynamic to how shows are done. I doubt networks will change their formula because at the present time, it still works. Sure it is exciting to be given a cliff hanger after months of watching a show, but I like having the ability to sit down and watch three episodes back to back or the whole thing if I so choose.
I am sure at some point prices will go up because content is not cheap. And I am happy to pay a price increase to have unlimited access to such a diverse catalog. Some people complain that you cannot get the latest movies. Seriously? Who cares? You see it when you can and in this day and age, no one is really "behind" anymore on stuff. You missed it today you can watch it online tomorrow. I have to say, if any of you saw my queue, you would see that not only do we have older films, my husband has never seen "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof", he should love it, and we have "recent" releases like "The Artist" and "The King's Speech". I do not feel like I am out of the loop because I have not seen these movies nor do I miss going to the movie theater. That experience lost its luster with all the jerks on their cell phones and chatting. At $10 or more to go see a movie, not thanks. I mean yes, I want to Star Trek in the theater, but I saw the first one on online and while it was not surround sound or anything, there was nothing lacking. 
At $8 a month I can feed my addiction and like I said, if they want $15 they can have it from me.
I am a binger and I am proud of it. 


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