Monday, February 11, 2013

The Supersizers

Mary at An Historical Lady posted about a few shows her and her beloved watch. One that peaked my interest was called The Supersizers. After a quick jaunt over to You Tube I have to say I am now a hardcore fan. A food critic and comedienne team up to recreate a week in the life of a couple in different eras. The food history is quite fascinating as well as the food itself. I started with The Supersizers Go Regency. 

Abundant amounts of food are prevalent along with gout. The authentic menus are fascinating and it really sheds light on how certain dishes came about. I just started the French Revolution one and that is blowing me away as well. The amount of food served at the meals for Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI was staggering. He ate game at every single meal it seems. Louis was quite the glutton. And on an interesting note see Marie was Austrian, her home country created that evil pastry the croissant. I love those so much, but after watching an episode of Julia Child where they were made from scratch, I will never make them. They are intense and amazing and I will let others do it instead. Here, watch this and you will see what I mean.

Now, I do not want to speak for the whole world, but I would say that food history is not something lots of people are interested in. Trivial bits about where the sandwich came from tickles my fancy but anyone else might be like "Who cares? It is just food ." Considering there are many folks in the world that still struggle to put food on the table, we should care. Food is a livelihood. It is also a way to commune with friends and family. I am big on going to someones house for a meal and having people over. There is something wonderful and relaxing about breaking bread with loved ones, the house filled with laughter and conversation.

Hope you enjoy the show(s)!


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