Wednesday, February 27, 2013


So, yuck foo, I have had a fever, which started yesterday, a cough and now, the fever is gone but I am so stuffed up it is like I inhaled a box of tissues into my sinuses. I most likely got this illness at a birthday party that had many walking petri dishes, aka: children. I wish kids would cover their mouths when they cough, but a lot don't so now I am ill. My son started to cough earlier and I cringed because I do not want the little guy to get what I have. My husband seems okay, I think I am the worst in the house, which is fine. Right now I am on the couch with my insane Jack Russell snoring next to me. That's right, I have the life.

Since Google Drive and I are no longer friends, my husband was able to get my stories saved off of Drive and we will be moving them to a writing program for the iPad. He has also been looking at keyboards for the iPad as well. One example is this product called The Brydge. Yes, the price made me screech too. None of the keyboard offerings are cheap, but I hope to get the story loaded, start working with the iPad and go from there. Maybe I will not need to buy a keyboard. Maybe I can just work the tablet with ease. Maybe Hugh Jackman will give me a foot massage. Oops, delirium from the fever right there...

And while I do not have much of an appetite, for some reason, I want one of these Bourbon Apple Fried Pies from Ezra Pound Cake and I want it NOW.

Why am I looking at food when I cannot eat it? These carrot cake pancakes from Post Punk Kitchen make my head spin.

Earlier, I had the little boy chill out with me and watch some episodes of Julia Child: Cooking With Master Chefs. I have to say, that show is amazing and even if you do not eat a lot of the stuff or do any fancy cooking, it is educational and fun to watch. So many mega popular chefs did this show from the early 90's so trust me, you will get a kick out of seeing a younger and slimmer Emeril as well as a younger Lidia. The one episode I really enjoyed was with Hawaiian Cuisine chef Amy Ferguson-Ota. She made a Chicken Papaya Salad and Ono with Banana Curry. I do not eat any meat or poultry, but I would modify those recipes to enjoy them. (The banana curry uses chicken broth) Her Thai Vinaigrette looks so tasty. Check out the video here.

Must go get some rest now.


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