Friday, February 15, 2013


We have had a lot of birthdays of all ages these past few months.  Because of this, I have been searching for interesting gift ideas. Sure the standard gift card or cash or bottle of vino is always welcome and thoughtful, but sometimes it is nice to do something unexpected. I like good finds and so without further fanfare, I share some goodies I have found that I think can be wonderful gifts for various occasions.

This wood bowling set from ACME Party Box Company is a terrific idea for young kids or hey, even young adults.

Purl Bee has a wonderful pattern for Roll and Dash Hankies which can be a nice hostess gift or for a bride or bridesmaids.

For the baker in your life or all around displayer of goods of any kind, these mini pedestals from Rosanna Inc are delightful!

As a tea lover, I am digging this Rocket Tea Infuser from Kikkerland Design. With a nice package of tea of a jar of honey it is a lovely gift.

We also have an upcoming housewarming and for that we got a gift box of spices for the recipients at Savory Spice Shop in Princeton. There are various locations through the country and may I say their Lavender Vanilla Bean Sugar is wonderful!! I am also a fan of their California Citrus Rub to use on fish.

Of course, Martha Stewart has one of the more unique gift kits I have ever seen: A Flower Arranging Gift Kit. This is definitely suited for someone who grows flowers.

Sure you can make your own soap, but in case you are not that skillful, I know I am not, Mirasol Farms has this great gift of mini-bars to offer a guest, a friends or even yourself.

Have a great weekend everyone!!


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