Monday, February 4, 2013

A Total Nonsensical Venting Session

Some people in this world enjoy being on television.

Not me. Unless I am going to be a guest on Charlie Rose or Graham Norton, I have no desire to be on a tv show of any kind. Do I think I would be a good actor? Maybe, but reality tv acting? Pass, pass, pass. 
The only time I have considered being on tv was checking out HGTV to see if there were any remodeling shows to apply to and there are, but most opportunities are out in Los Angeles. 

A show on Style Network is looking for a glamorous person with a lavish home in the tri-state area to renovate a room in their house. No bathrooms or kitchens are allowed.

Not for nothing, but if you live in the NY/NJ/CT area in a lavish home, you can well afford an interior designer and have your rooms done. Now, we have friends who are well off financially and own a very lovely home, but a massive tulip tree fell on it during Hurricane Sandy causing massive destruction. I would like them to have this opportunity. I would like anyone who had severe storm damage to have free work one on their home. To me, the "bigger than life personality" the network wants with this comes with my assumption that they would overlook redoing a storm destroyed home because let's face it, that is not what they are trying to do here. They just want to renovate a room in a nice home. 

A lavish home.

My husband sweetly asked if I wanted to apply and I almost fell over. We do not have a "lavish home".  We live in an 1400 sq foot home which is the size of a garage on some homes in the area. I do not begrudge the massive house owner or am I jealous. I am more ticked off at the tv show producers who only want to showcase living large. Then add in how they will foot the bill for someone who clearly needs no footing and well, there it is. Am I being petty and small? Perhaps, but with people struggling out here to get their homes back in order, it sort of put me off. Thanks for listening.


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