Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Time to Plan

The decorations have been taken down and still need to be boxed away, but for me this means it is time to plan the vegetable garden. I decided that this year I was going to attempt every thing from seeds. That includes any flowers and of course, veggies. The reason I am going this route is because last year, my hubby brought some seeds home around May and I decided to to just sow them and see what happened.

They all grew. It was a miracle. No seriously, I am not too green thumbed and now I will have an abundance of thyme, echinacea, sage, cilantro and what I am really hoping comes back is the lavender. Herb gardens to me are a lovely way to fill unused or ugly space and you really can't fail at them. This inspired me to do the same for the vegetable garden. This could be risky, but why not? So I have started to search out all types of seed companies. I would prefer heirlooms so I have checked out Seed Savers and a few others. One place that has intrigued me is Monticello. Thomas Jefferson was quite the avid gardener and introduced a variety of crops from overseas to America. Here is a bit on their Seeds of the Past and here is the link to the shop where you can purchase seeds directly from them. I think it would be very interesting to grow a vegetable or rose that got its start at UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Best part is, I have yet to get there, but from what I have read and seen in magazines and online, I would adore the gardens and it would be a great place to take the little guy when he can appreciate the history.

Now I just need to decide what I am going to try and grow this year. I have never had luck with lettuces or cabbage so I may have to forgo those which is such a shame as we love them. I used Neem oil to get rid of the cabbage moths, but it did not deter them enough. I need to do more complimentary plantings like marigolds to help ward off the beasts. I did mint, which of course got out of control, but that did not ward off enough. I need more flowers interspersed around the veggies garden instead of just herbs. Though when my oregano flowers it is superb :)



  1. I forget how I found your blog, which is rather poorly done of me, however! I have been lurking a few weeks now & I enjoy the way your sense of humor flavors your posts!! It will be a pleasure to follow the evolution of this year's garden & any herbal returnees!! Crossing fingers for of my faves. Sadly, I am herbless in my current place - and planning a move a cold lavender unfriendly place :-( but warm with family & friends. Ennyhoos...sorry for the ramble, but I did think I should at least say hello from Land o'Lurking & wish you a happy gardening season!! Can't wait to see pics...I shall be revelling vicariously in your lavender!! Lynne, of Central NY

  2. Hello Lynne and welcome :)
    My lavender plants came from Cape Cod and have wintered beautifully. You may want to purchase plants from where I got them or ask them how they would do in your area.
    A neighbor that is a Master Gardener told me to always buy plants one zone up from me because then you would know they could tolerate our weather if they are adapted to say zone 5,4, etc.

    1. Thank you for sharing! What a great idea :-) Lynne

  3. You talk the talk but those spider plants I gave you don't look too healthy.

    Joey :p

  4. LOL Yes, I did forsake the spider plants. So sad too. I must try again and bring them IN the house and not leave them outside.