Wednesday, January 23, 2013

This Old 1920's Bungalow

I love my bungalow, I do. And while we knew it would need updates and some love which it was sorely lacking, we were also not immune to the fact that old houses bring problems with them. We have updated, with help, the electric, added a radon monitoring system, new ceiling lights, drainage, ripped out the fake fireplace and a closet, put in a closet, replace the flange in the toilet, painted the rooms, laid down a cool floor in baby's room and much more.
Our most recent fun repair adventures are dealing with a leak in the roof and mold in the attic, which we discovered just before Hurricane Sandy and a radiator in our kitchen that even with the valve off, spews water. Needless to say my kitchen floor, which is this poorly laid Pergo is shot.

But wait, let me start with the mold.

We woke up one day with a leak in our bedroom, called someone in and was told there is mold on certain parts of the dormer. The roof was done wrong, no shocker there since most updates, if you can call them that, were done in a slipshod fashion. That means we need to repair the roof along with putting in new insulation, which was also done incorrectly. All the work that needs to be done: new roof, roof vents, new insulation, is thankfully covered by insurance and I am hoping once it is all done there will not be extreme temperatures upstairs anymore. We did get two estimates for what all this will cost. No, it is not cheap, but it needs to be done. Sometimes I think it would have been better if we bought land and built from the ground up, but I know there is no fail safe when it comes to houses.

And now the radiator. We have this Pergo flooring in our kitchen that was laid down in such a fashion that is slides open so you can see the layers underneath. Seriously, did anyone do anything in this house correctly??  So the kitchen radiator has leaked, not a slow leak, but a serious pooling water leak, and damaged the floor. Sure I want to replace the floor, but not now. I would have done it when we redid the kitchen way down the road. Anyway, I am sure there is some seriously ugly linoleum under there, I have an unattractive pink bathroom so I expect nothing less with this flooring. I am sort of hoping it is hideous so I can relish it LOL. I can't get upset about it so I might as well enjoy it. I will need to take a picture if it is as awful as I believe it to be.

There are pluses to all of this though. My husband is grateful to our friends and my brother who have taught him a thing or two in being handy and I had wanted to repaint our bedroom and will be doing so after the repairs are done. We also have landscaping getting done and the feedback we have gotten from the neighbors has been very positive because as those who live on the block have said, this house was never really loved. It is now, but she is not a cheap date that is for sure.


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