Friday, January 25, 2013

The Weekend Has Arrived

And snow will be here later. Brrrrrr! Winter has let us know she is back that is for sure!

We just had a bunch of stuff like an old bed frame and old clothes picked up by the United War Veterans. I like that charities will come out and get stuff. I know that a lot of it goes to for profit thrift shops, but I would rather someone else get use of it since we no longer need it. I love to purge. I have no idea why, but it feels good to remove things that are just wasting space or have been forgotten about.

I have noticed an uptick on quite a few blogs I read about personal circumstances during these hard economic times. Be it UK, Australia or the US, it is amazing how many of us are dealing with similar issues. Oil and gas prices, keeping thermostats below "normal", food prices, living on one income, living on NO income, unable to find work or taking the worse paying jobs just because they need to pay bills, being without cars and lousy public transport and even serious health issues. What burns my ass is how little our politicians seem to be aware of this. Sure they tout the whole "We need to get out country back on its feet" rhetoric, I speak for the US only right now, though I am sure other countries hear the same bull, but Senators do not see the faces of their people. They regale those not working as to being lazy and entitled. I wish to God I knew who to contact because I would send them every blog I read and show them. I want to yell, "These are your constituents. The ones you claim are abusing the system and are lazy and do not want to work. These people struggling to put food on table, fill their gas tanks and stay warm. Read about their plight, understand they have tried every avenue. This is not someone conjured up as an old school "welfare cretin" getting their nails done and driving a new car will using tax dollars." I am sure those system abusers are out there, but somehow we need to make the politicians see past them and reprimand those that abuse the system instead of ignoring and then cutting services which effects everyone. Sorry, but I hate to see people suffer after doing everything they can and then they fall so low.

And scene.

This next bit is going to seem a bit crazy after my little rant because it goes in the opposite direction. I have a bit of an obsession with unusual appliances and especially ones that have an array of colors. This of course means you will pay an arm, a leg and a small child for them. If I were a rich gal and lived in Europe,  I would be all over Robeys UK for my appliances.  I will refrain from showing you the Aga as I think I have established that as my dream stove long ago. Seriously, just look at these cookers. Swoon, Swoon, Swoon!!!

I want this Everhot because we have electric for our stove and this is way nicer than anything put out by our standard brands here.

Rayburn. Just look at that blue! Mama is in love.

Stanley cooker. Beautiful!

Robeys also sells refrigerators, God help me. This Meneghini wants to be in my house.

And today's recipe comes from The English Kitchen. I have not made it, but it looks so comforting and delicious. Crustless Salmon Pie with a Lemon Butter Sauce.  She uses a tinned salmon which is very economical for many people. That is something I have not bought yet, but we do keep sardines, tuna and anchovies in the house. Give it a go this weekend if you can :)

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. AGREE!!! With whole post BTW except the color part, I lean neutral that way & add color in with small bits. But as to the first part, totally agree. And I WISH there were really a way to make folks listen up & then actually care. Oh & then Make changes. Oh for a magic wand! Lynne in NY

  2. Magic wands would be wonderful Lynne!