Sunday, January 6, 2013

Quickie Post

Just wrapping up a fun filled and busy weekend. We had a party for our little one's One year birthday and now we are winding down for the evening.

I was doing a little blog reading before I got to writing and one of my favorite blogs My 50s Year also known as The Apron Revolution is no more. It is still up mind you, but the author has moved on and has started a new interesting blog called Charm of Notions. Instead of focusing on one era like she did with her prior blog, check out her archives it is fascinating, she is sort of browsing through many eras and sharing some of the recipes or ways of living she finds interesting. This is quite a treat as I have always enjoyed her musings and posts and factoids about certain eras. She touches on the Victorian Era a few times and that is pretty interesting. So have at it and I will be back soon!


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