Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Merry New Year!

I always loved that line from "Trading Places".

Hope everyone has had a stellar holiday and is ready for 2013!

Today will be short and sweet. First off, imagine my horror upon discovering that our mattress is only one sided and cannot be flipped. We are sleeping on something the shape of a 'W'. Now it is an 'M' because we turned it around, but I got a little miffed finding out why they stopped making a lot of double sided mattresses. It is cheaper to not add the plush backing on the other side and the added bonus is you will need to buy a new mattress once very 3 or 5 years as opposed to the old 10-20. Good times. What a disgrace. There is no pride in innovation or longevity anymore. Yeah I know, companies and their shareholders need to make money, but I am not a Rockefeller who can shell out the big bucks for a new mattress in such a short time span. Asses. This goes hand in hand with some of the new fangled appliances out there that run like crap. For some insight about mattresses, read this post from Bedrooms and More. Okay, onto brighter things.

I made a fabulous vegetarian chili the other night in a crock pot. The crock pot is a very welcome hand me down and it works beautifully. The chili was a tad spicy, even for my hot sauce/chili pepper lovin' self so  I would say take it easy on the chili powder. Then again, I used Indian chili powder which might have been the true kicker. Also, I used shallots instead of garlic since I was out and it worked fine. It is even tastier the next day. And of course it has sweet potatoes! :)

Slow Cooker Vegetarian Chili with Sweet Potatoes

We have a little soiree to attend today which should be nice. Then it is back to our routines like the rest of the world, with extra goals and desires.


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  1. Ditto on both the Trading Places line and the horror with mattresses! Went through the mattress insanity this past year...