Monday, January 14, 2013

Mattresses, Queen of Versailles and Tiny Houses

Yesterday we walked into Sleepy's and when the salesman asked me what we were looking for I said, "A two sided mattress." To which he replied, "We don't have any as they no longer make them."


They did not have any, but I had seen online more than enough mattresses that still come two sided. They are pricier than their one sided counter parts, but I want my mattress to last more than three years. I am not asking a lot. We told him we already had a one sided Simmons that was sagging and lumpy. He said we should contact Simmons. We will, but that still doesn't solve the dilemma of a finding a decent mattress.
Anyway, we tried out a the standard brands: Sealy, Serta, Stearns and Foster. Found two we liked and decided we would come home and discuss it further as these mattresses were both over 1100 dollars.
That is a down payment on an apartment in some parts of this country! Plus we had no desire to put 10% down to "hold" the price. These places have sales all the time so if you love a specific mattress and can wait, there is not reason to do that.
When we got home I decided to do research on the mattresses we were considering and thanks to the very informative website Sleep Like the Dead, we are going to go back to Ikea and try out the two latex mattresses that rated very high. We did buy a nice Ikea bed frame awhile back, but we never even considered their mattresses. Now we have to hope they are comfy, I like firm so for me they will most likely be great, and then we can bring it home and stop waking up with sore necks and backs. And the two mattresses we were interested in at Sleepy's? They have a low customer satisfaction and surprise, surprise, they biggest complaints is that they end up sagging. 

I watched two documentaries this weekend that were polar opposites and both very interesting. 
First was "We the Tiny House People" which basically showcased, around the world, people who lived in 80 square foot apartments in NYC or Tiny Houses in California or turning a pigeon coop into an apartment in Spain. The ingenuity form the homeowner and architects was incredible and really shows how you do not need so much space. No one is saying you can't have it, but it is showing how with a little thought, you can make anything work.
After dinner we watched "The Queen of Versailles". David Siegel, owner of Westgate a massive timeshare company, and his wife, Jackie, decided that their 26,000 foot mansion was not roomy enough for them and their 8 children so lo and behold they set out to build the biggest, and quite frankly ridiculous, house at 96,000 in Florida.
Then the crash happened.
In some cases, their story is like everyone else's, they both came from working class families. There is a huge age difference, which is sort irrelevant because honestly, she does love the old curmudgeon. But what we do witness is a very, very wealthy family having to come to grips with cutting back. There were a million things they could have done and didn't. Like sell the Rolls Royce an Faberge eggs for one, they fired most of their staff keeping just one housekeeper and two nannies who pretty much worked around the clock. Why were the children not being taught to walk the dogs or clean? This bugged the crap out of me because at one point Jackie states that the kids may have to work instead of expecting money to be there for them.
Um, shouldn't they know how to wok anyway??? 
The kicker for me was the fact that David says he never put anything aside for his kids. I nearly fell off my chair. How the *#&$ are you a billionaire and not have trust funds set up for your EIGHT children?!?!?!?
Either his financial advisor is a total tool or he does not have one.
I walked away from Tiny House People feeling good and intrigued by human ingenuity. I walked away from Versailles feeling like these people got what they deserved by not heeding the old adage, "Live within your means" They were not despicable people, just out of touch. I mean, if you have to go without a fur coat or three refrigerators, 8 people can survive with one fridge, but who am I to say that?, do it. Do it to save your children's financial future. Not your plane, not your yacht, but your children's future.

And that is that.


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  1. I love The Queen of Versailles! Awesome documentary :)