Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Decadence and Fashion

While I am all for living within one's means and simple living, I do appreciate the work that goes into couture clothing, hand made furniture, jewelry (which I admit I miss making. I did wax carvings, metal work and even lovely beaded stuff, but the market is so flooded with mass production lines like Silpada and Lia Sophia, I would have to go completely high end and I cannot afford the materials). I have come across some interesting finds and want to share them. This isn't to make anyone feel bad or less than for not being able to afford these luxuries. I just wanted to show that there are folks out there passionate about what they do and sometimes it is expensive and sometimes it's not too unattainable. Enjoy!

Henry Herbert Tailors in the UK come to you on a Vespa and measure you for your Savile Row suit. Bespoke clothing is so glamorous to me.

David Linley Game Table. Just stunning.

City Joinery out of Brooklyn and Easthampton, MA has some exquisite pieces and they try to use salvaged wood as much as they can. The furniture is very interesting and modern.

The NYC jewelry store Ten Thousands Things has always had such a beautiful collection of unique pieces. I especially love the look and design of this ring. The raw look of the Tahitian Pearl against the golf. Le sigh.

Dara Lamb in NYC is on W57th Street and makes custom clothing for women. As someone who is a busty gal, I would have loved to been able to afford key wardrobe pieces made especially for me. I have tried sewing, I did a skirt and a purse. While I enjoyed it, I have a special respect for those that can make their own fabulous wardrobe. I doubt I will ever get that skilled so it is something I would splurge on one day if I can.

Hope you enjoyed this brief foray into high end design.


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