Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chill and Comfort Food

Good Lord it was close to 60 degrees on Monday and now we are heading for the 20's! I do have many wraps and ways to keep warm. Thanks to the ridiculous cost of oil we keep the house at around 67. Believe it or not it is warm and very comfortable which is great when one has a toddler on the go. Right now there is snow on the ground which will get worse since we have freezing rain in the mix. Ahh Mother Nature is fun!

Yesterday I made a delightful Cauliflower Indian Stew in my crock pot. This is the second time I have used the crock pot and I am becoming a huge fan. To be able to throw in a bunch of ingredients and not have to rush at the end of the day to put a hot meal on the table is terrific. Now I am on a quest to accumulate as many vegetarian crock pot recipes as I can.

I have been writing my novel, but mostly at night. I want to try and do some know while the little guy naps, but he is rebelling against that so the writing may have to wait until later. C'est la vie!


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