Thursday, January 17, 2013

BBC Documentary on Growing Up Poor

About a month ago I posted about the PBS documentary "Poor Kids". If you also watched the program, you saw the devastating effects of poverty. Be it a family caught in a cycle or one that was just one paycheck away from losing it all and did. Well, it seems the BBC has their own documentary showcasing a few teenagers in the UK. I have not watched it but came across an article about it in The Economist.

Poverty Up Close

The comments in the article regarding the young ladies' situation are telling. People chalk their plight up to bad parenting and lack of role models as well as an unwillingness to work. The worse is placing blame on a single moms for having sex and going on the dole. So the boy or man that got her pregnant is no lout or not responsible? Come on now.

I would like to see if there are any similarities to "Poor Kids" in terms of the family trying to better there situation and why they can't.

This made me think of a line from Howard's End spoken by Mr. Wilcox.

The poor are the poor, and one's sorry for them - but there it is.

That always stood out to me as being cruel and indifferent when Mr. Wilcox says it, but I sometimes wonder if E.M. Forster had a different idea. More along the lines of it sucks, we do what we can to help, but in the end do not expect much to change. I don't know. Clearly the programs in place now are not really doing much except sustaining people where they are at. And it seems David Cameron wants to slash housing benefits fro those under 25. Um, if someone is from a hateful/violent family, forcing them to move back home or onto the streets creates a whole new batch of problems.


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