Sunday, December 30, 2012

Think Out of the Box This Upcoming Year

To be honest, I cannot eat one more Christmas cookie. The mere thought of one makes me sick as I have indulged like someone going to the chair. Seriously, as tasty as most of them were, I am so off dessert right now it is frightening. That will change though, have no fears. I love to bake and it is winter so I will be getting back on that soon enough. I cannot do without chocolate chip or ginger scones for long. Trust me. With tea, scones are a wonderful treat anytime during the day.

Most people at this time of year begin to plan what changes they will implement into their lives. Usually it is some sort of diet and I find that ridiculous. One can choose to change your lifestyle in regards to food and exercise at anytime. This is the time to choose something extraordinary. Want to learn to surf and have the means to do so? Go for it. Want to take a sculpture class? Go for it. Aiming to finish that novel in two months or less, gerunds be damned? Yes I am. Learn to sew, can jams, speak Mandarin, give yourself a challenge that is fun and exciting and not the same one every year. New Year's resolutions are like the season of Lent to me. Every single woman I know always gives up sweets or chocolates for Lent. Why not think out of the box? Anyone can give up chocolate but not everyone will think to donate time or skills they have for Lent. Why go the denial route with yourself when you can go the giving route? Anyway, let's get back to the topic at hand.

I think it is healthy to give yourself a new kind of challenge this year. See what you can accomplish without picking something you dread to have to do. If you hate to exercise in a gym , don't. But you can take walks and enjoy the outdoors. Add listening to a language tape or an audio book to your walk if you can. Don't berate yourself for not going to the gym seven days a week or not being able to rid yourself of those ten pounds. Go out and live and enjoy. Your brain was made for more than just the same old thing different day.

Read that novel you always wanted to or try building a birdhouse, again, it is not that it is done perfectly, it is the fact you attempted the task and completed it. That will enrich your life.

Now get out there and as Auntie Mame said:

Live! Life's a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!


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