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But of course, more food

I envy those that have jars of delectable jams and jellies lining their pantrys. One of those reasons is that my husband is an out and out despiser of all things berries.  I know, I clutch my pearls at the idea of anyone not finding blueberries something to be adored and practically sung too, but hey, to each his own. Because of this, I do not can jams or anything remotely resembling a spread because let's face it, how much of it can I or my soon to be one year old son eat? Then I came across the Small Batch recipes on Food in Jars. Whoo hooo! This might encourage me to have a go at some spreads without guilt because one does not want to waste food right? And all those luscious berries should be honored by becoming something so wonderful to share with others. I had a friend once gift me with homemade lavender jam and to this day I still miss it.

Look at this superb Small Batch Blood Orange Marmalade.

This Rosemary Rhubarb Jam is not small batch but I can only imagine how lovely it would smell.

I really love cardamom so this Small Batch Seckel Pear Jam with Brown Sugar and Cardamom would go really well with a steaming hot scone or biscuit. Mmmmmmmmm.....

Out of curiosity I have been looking into Gluten Free recipes more and more and have been pleasantly surprised by what I find. Dare I say these Mini Pumpkin Pie Tarts from Against All Grain would be delightful with a nice cup of tea or Mexican hot chocolate? Oh yeah.

I made this Soy Chorizo Vegetarian Chili the other night and it was beyond delicious. I used chickpeas and black beans, added garlic and omitted the sugar. It was even better the next day. Thank you Cooking with Trader Joe's.

Let's continue the Blueberry theme with this gorgeous looking Blueberry Ricotta Coffee Cake from the blog Eating From The Ground Up. See, now this is something I can make and bring to a dinner and viola! I indulge in my blueberries. Keep in mind, there are blueberries in my house as our son loves them, but baking with them has not happened very often.

And on a completely different note, I cannot stop listening to the song, "Find You're Here" and "Find You're Gone" from Wolfsheim. I love to listen to it whenever I am writing. Be it my on-going novel or my blog or even reading. Funny how a specific song can motivate you or put you into the mind frame of your characters. I swear, when I finish this draft and if it gets published and they interview me, I am going to be honest and say how insane the process has been, but fulfilling. And then I would be all the blueberries I can :)

Here is the video:



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Have a great day.