Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fundraising Part Deux and a Cool Idea

Chatting with a friend of mine, we discussed the barrage of fundraising going on in our area for the last month. He had just gotten hit up again at the local Shop Rite. These kids get no break. Every weekend, from Boy Scouts to Cheerleaders to Soccer players. It is full on bedlam here. I mentioned my prior post and he  empathized with my annoyance, but he also wondered if I came across as not liking donating at all and that is just not true. We have friends with kids and we are more than happy to buy what ever they sell. The only thing I do not buy are magazines since my hubby brings them home for free. What I really dislike are different groups of strangers asking me to buy the same thing every other week. Hello Boy Scouts, the $18-20 tin of popcorn is tasty but way too expensive for a lot of folks right now, so please, can you do something else?
It is one thing to have a fundraiser for a sick child or first aid squad, it is another for a local sports team to be hitting me up when I am food shopping. Again, this is just my opinion. I also wonder if schools realize it is a lot of pressure on the kids and their parents to all sell at the same time? What about the shy parent or child? It sucks to do sales when it is not in your nature to ask for money. Of course, this whole thing got me thinking further about fundraising and I wondered what other people do and came across an AWESOME idea from Canada.


Having a nephew that is special needs, I think this is a fantastic way to fund raise since it is not the same old thing AND it gets kids involved with helping other kids. Brava to the Holland Bloorview Foundation for this and I hope others see it and try to incorporate it into their fundraising plans. Maybe there is something similar in the states, just have not seen it, but I will have to do a search.

As for me asking my friends one day to purchase stuff, I feel weird about it. I know some people are in different financial situations and that really makes me hesitate. They all have their own kids to worry about and buy stuff for so I am not sure I could bring myself to ask them to buy something from my kid too. Not that it is rude if someone asks me, but by the time our kid goes to school, most of their kids will be in high school or out so they will not have to deal with this craziness anymore.
I guess that means I might be that check writing parent. :)


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