Monday, October 22, 2012

Colorful Countertops

I am battling a cold. There is no fun in that when one is responsible for a very active, almost ten month old child who gets cheap thrills from licking radiator valves. I have no explanation to this and thank the Baby Jesus the radiators are not on due to the nice weather.

I have also had the fortune of finding ways to write, even when little man is up and moving about because he self entertains himself very well. This is after training mommy to remove all pet food bowls, especially the water filed ones, and to follow him from room to room with computer in hand. Our go pod and pack n play are wonderful tools and come in handy when I need to go to the bathroom or just need to sit for a minute.

Anyway, in regards to the title of this post. I think it was on,(Yes ANOTHER kitchen design site. I have a problem, I know it, I admit it and quite frankly, am not ashamed), where I came across a post about "Bold Colored Countertops". While I am not sure I would do this in my kitchen, I do think they would work great in a guest bathroom or a laundry room. For me, I would do the turquoise or green with white cabinets in the laundry room I do not have, but will one day.

Oh yes, yes I will.

Pretty isn't it?

While most people prefer the granite and all white themes, I think if you can add a shot of color somewhere,why not the laundry room? It is the one place you need a little boost of happiness and cheer right? Even the idea of doing it in a powder room or small guest bath appeals to me because it is a way to add some fun to a neutral palette without being overwhelming and expensive if you want to change it like you would if it was done in a kitchen. Of course, if you are Miss/Mister Moneypants they knock yourself out and do the kitchen, but for most folks, I think a small space would suit best.


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