Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

I have finally read it.

Let me start off this review of sorts by saying Yes Virginia, there will be massive spoilers and there will be cursing.

Ms. Flynn is a good writer for her genre and I appreciate her desire to showcase the dark and very depressing side of life. I also like that she has no desire to wrap things up in bows and give us the Hollywood happy ending.

Now onto the book.

I hated these characters. I hated them because it was like watching two despicable teenagers try to beat each other for title of best text book malignant narcissistic sociopath. This was supposed to be a book about marriage and how people are not what they seem. This was more like the author took The Omen and gave him breasts. Meh.

Amy Elliot Dunne is one of the most disagreeable bitches ever written. Every word, every time she appeared all I wanted to do was punch her in the teeth. I do not enjoy reading a book where all I want to do is run over the main antagonist. I could care less that her parents had lost children before having "Amazing Amy". They ended up with a bad seed, and let's face it Max Anderson created the best one, and only made her worse by how they treated her. This monster feels superior to her dead siblings and will be whatever kind of girl you want or need in the moment. Whatever.
What pushed me into the mindset that this book is bullshit are two scenes that are supposed to be some sort of enlightenment into Amy's mind. Ready for this? She fakes a rape and she throws herself down a flight of stairs.
Let's start with the rape. The guy she was seeing, well, he figured out she was not  that cool and started to see someone else. So Amy comes back into his life all sweet as sugar, sleeps with him, jacks herself up and then reports him to the police. All evidence points at him She decides not to press charges but sends a typed note saying: "Maybe next time you'll think twice." How cute. How evil. How ridiculous.
But wait, there's more and this made me twitch so much I actually bellowed out to my husband, "You have to be kidding."
Seems Amy and great friend in high school and they had great times together. Then Amy's friend started to get more attention then Amy, "Amazing Amy" was intimidating after all. So our little special snowflake, Amy, concocted a plan where she had her little friend dye her hair the same color and they wore lots of the same outfits. Amy bitches about her parents all the time and gets this friend to participate in a ruse where she calls Amy's house and even surprises the mom one time saying she was the new Amy and ha ha ha. Then Amy become distant, cold, begins to spread rumors of this friend who clearly admired Amy so much that she dyed her hair like Amy and was calling her house pretending to be Amy, etc. The friend tell the husband that Amy wants people to believe she is perfect, but becoming close with people shows that she is not. She is a liar, a drama queen, OCD, filled with all sorts of flaws. When someone disappoints her and find out she is not perfect, not the "cool girl" she practically ruins their lives. You know, some of this seems familiar. A young girl morphing into her friend, everyone she comes into contact with seems to meet some sort of odd end. Wait a minute...Hello, Basic Instinct called and it wants its plot back.

Sharon Stone's character became obsessed with the Jeanne Tripplehorn's character in college and then frames her as a murderer. Every one Sharon Stone is related to or involved with seem to only be useful to her for a small amount of time and then she disposes of them. Michael Douglas' character name is Nick in Basic Instinct.


Before you yell, I know that no one is reinventing the wheel here, but come on. Good artists borrow, great artists steal was said by Picasso, but you need to put it in your own voice and not make it so damn obvious. I felt like she based Miss "Amazing Amy" on "Catherine Tramell" way too much. Maybe not even by choice, but hell, it is there and I got sick of it. As far as Nick, he was a wet noodle, cheating on his wife who did not want to be like his dad, but he was. Go away.

Bottom line is, yes this book is a quick read, an okay read, but you will want to shower and read something less oppressive and childish when done.


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