Monday, August 20, 2012

Who needs Viking?

When you have the big bucks, you certainly do NOT want what others have got. This brings me to share one of the most incredible pieces of cooking equipment I have ever seen.

Officine Gullo

When you can own a "Cooking Machine" you have arrived my friends, yes you have.

What I would really like is to meet someone who actually has seen one, used one or has one. The refrigerators with built in wine cabinets are $41K. That is the price of a car or someone's salary. Booyah!

Seriously though, if you are wealthy, why go with Viking or Wolf? Sure they are high end, but they have also become commonplace in a sense. Might as well start running with the luxury products and blow people's mind along with some of your bank account. Hell, if I had unlimited income, I would want to invest in some serious kitchen machinery. Partly because I am sick to death of all the stainless/white/black options and partly because it is always way cool to have something no one else has. Rock on.


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