Thursday, August 9, 2012

Please, Do Sit Down

I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE Anglophile and I offer no apologies. I am aware that the majority of the English are nothing like the characters portrayed in North & South or Upstairs, Downstairs. (Look, they are just like us!) Any romanticized versions I have had through my lifetime have dissipated as I have gotten older. Plus I have had the enormous pleasure of visiting London and if I could, I would live there in a heartbeat. I am eager to visit the Lake country and Bath, okay, wait, let's stay on track here.
Anyway, the BBC did a few reality shows that I have thoroughly enjoyed of late. As someone who is fascinated by the old way of life, but enjoys modern conveniences, I appreciate being able to lose myself in a show about Victorian/Edwardian/40's lifestyles.

1900 House

1940 House

Manor House

PBS aired these shows and I have been watching them on YouTube. (I am sure there is copyright infringement by those who uploaded these videos, but I am posting links anyway. Makes my guilty too I know.)

The 1940 House was very eye opening considering I did not know much about The Blitz in London during WW2. The rationing and air raids were astonishing and everyone was so on edge, understandably so.

1900 House was not surprising, but I could not wish to live then as a lower middle class person because you were just a slave to the upkeep of the home. It was interesting to see how they adapted to using the materials and tools of the day considering the family was from 1999. The team that configured the house to be a true Victorian house always had neat bit of trivia re: wallpaper and ranges, etc.

So far, Manor House, in Edwardian times, is my favorite. It is literally 'Upstairs, Downstairs' come to life. The amount of food people ate, it is amazing they did not drop dead.

Still writing and editing. I caught some 'movie' snafus in my book. Like, my character cannot come through the ceiling wielding a gun and roll and land perfectly. Damn you Hollywood! But thank the Baby Jesus there are some sites out there like TV Tropes, that have been very helpful. One of the best things about writing is the amount of things you are always, always learning. Not just about the topic you have chosen, but about yourself in regards to endurance, patience and sense of humor. A writer's mind is always creating. Not such bad thing at all.


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