Sunday, August 5, 2012

Frida Kahlo

While I would love me an Auntie Mame wardrobe, Frida Kahlo is also in the running. Both very different, but both very individual and colorful. Since I have stopped tweezing my eyebrows for a few years now I can get closer to Frida's look. ahaha Actually, it is pretty interesting that I no longer tweeze, but my eyebrows are not that out of control. I am starting to think the beauty business machine made me think I would be a bush woman if I did not tweeze. I know, I know, I fell for marketing. What can I say except, "Oops."

Back to the subject at hand. When I was younger, I never appreciated her art, but as I got older and then saw the film with Salma Hayek, I became a huge fan of Ms. Frida. The colors, the brilliance, the way she lived her life in that "I do not give a rats' ass" way and how she saw life was fascinating. Her difficulties were plenty and yet, she produced things regardless. Sometimes I wish I had that stubborn streak. "I will write though I have laundry, a baby, need to shower, exercise, and many other errands. I will fit it in from 1:22pm to 1:38pm and no one will stop me!"

This is subdued for Frida, but it is one of my favorite paintings that she has done.

Okay, on a side note, I actually dressed up as her one Halloween. I had a bright turquoise skirt with beading and a peasant blouse, my hair up in the braid. I even drew in the unibrow. If I can find a picture I will post it.

Design Sponge does a nice feature on Frida. Kahlo. Style Icon: Frida Kahlo

I would love to look like this all the time, but at the present, could not really carry it off. File it under "One Day".


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