Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It is Wednesday Evening

And we had a fabulous day. 

Our little guy had his first outing to NYC. He rode his first subway, we stopped at Zabar's for goodies. We took him to the American Museum of Natural History then ended the day with a walk in Central Park. We sat down, ate and watched them film a music video for either an Indian or Bangladeshi band. Very cool.

We stumbled across a few vistas in the park we had never seen and they were breathtaking. Check them out.


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rules for Writing Fiction and a mini-rant

They do vary greatly from author to author. Of course, some make more sense then others. I got a kick out of number 8 under Margaret Atwood and Elmore Leonard's rules are legendary at this point. I disagree with Jonathan Franzen who seems to have an issue with writers who have access to the internet while working on a book. He claims you can't write good fiction if you have the internet. Dude, get off the self righteous horse and realize some of us use the internet for research. Sure I can haul ass to the library, but googling is much quicker. This guy must have serious issues if he believes someone can't write and find time to check out

The article is from 2010, but so worth a repost.

My mini-rant is simple. I am overwhelmed. I maybe get a page or two, if I am lucky, done A DAY. Not an hour, not every few hours, A DAY. Sometimes it is just a few lines.

This displeases me.

I have no choice. I have a baby to tend to, a house and all that entails, a handicapped dog and a cat on prednisone. A cat on steroids is not a pretty thing. She meows nonstop because she believes she is always hungry. Sort of like living with an addict and it sucks. At least she is not trying to sell my computer for more kibble, but if she could, I bet she would.
I considered postponing writing until my little guy was in preschool, but that would be three years from now. I also realized that was insane. I enjoy writing and I do not want to wait. This means I need to get really creative with my time. My big issue is that he naps a total of 2 to 2 1/2 hours daily and so when he does nap I may do laundry, take out the dog, answer email (apologies Mr. Franzen) and the second I sit down and begin to write, BAM, he is awake. Sure I could give up hours at night meaning I would get less sleep. I sort of have already, but not to the point where I am functioning on 6 hours or less. That might get ugly and dangerous. People would say J.K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter as a single mom, writing when the baby slept. Well good for her. Clearly she is a better mother and a more ambitious writer. Her house may have smelled like poop and looked like it too, but dammit, she got the book done. I do not hate on J.K. I hate on the fact that everyone believes if one person can do it one way, then can't we all? Uh, no we cannot. Too add to my crabby demeanor it the fact that me not working out has made me feel like a tub of lard. I do walk with my little one twice a day which is great, but it does not make up for the fact that my deltoids, pectorals and biceps and triceps get no major workout from pushing the stroller up a slight incline. A miserable crabby writer is no fun to be around. Sure historically there were some, but they were published and drank like whiskey was going out of style.

I will figure it out. I hope. I have to or it will all be for naught. Okay, too dramatic. Or is it not dramatic enough? Lost in this overwhelming sea of unbalance I hope I can anchor myself soon. How Michael Chabon was that line folks? HAHAHAHAH! Gotta keep your humor or you will go mad.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Completely Un-PC flick, mocking the beauty that is the Midwest accent and beauty pageants. One of the best underrated films I can watch again and again. I believe it has a cult following and if not, it must. It should. It has to because it is down right hysterical in some parts and has quite the up and coming all star cast. So without further brouhaha, here is a clip and yes, Will Sasso is truly the man.


Monday, August 20, 2012

Who needs Viking?

When you have the big bucks, you certainly do NOT want what others have got. This brings me to share one of the most incredible pieces of cooking equipment I have ever seen.

Officine Gullo

When you can own a "Cooking Machine" you have arrived my friends, yes you have.

What I would really like is to meet someone who actually has seen one, used one or has one. The refrigerators with built in wine cabinets are $41K. That is the price of a car or someone's salary. Booyah!

Seriously though, if you are wealthy, why go with Viking or Wolf? Sure they are high end, but they have also become commonplace in a sense. Might as well start running with the luxury products and blow people's mind along with some of your bank account. Hell, if I had unlimited income, I would want to invest in some serious kitchen machinery. Partly because I am sick to death of all the stainless/white/black options and partly because it is always way cool to have something no one else has. Rock on.


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Vintage Hair

If I had more time and in some cases, the nerve, I would rock some of these vintage hairstyles pretty hard.

Bobby Pin Blog is all about these hairstyles as well as retro makeup.

A for Awesome!

Now if I could hone my sewing skills and work up a dress like this:

I would be all good to go out now wouldn't I?

I have been toying with cutting my hair. Currently it is down to the middle of my back, the longest I have ever had it, but it does lack some style. I do have some awesome curls though and a few that are natural banana curls. I have had short hair most of my life so I am not keen on going all Annie Lennox. Honestly, there are not many women that could carry that short cut besides her and my friend Filomena.

I do love certain bob hairstyles, but I have no desire to become a slave to my hair dryer either. I admit I am envious of those with straight hair that can pretty much do any hairstyle they want. I would bob myself like Louise Brooks in a heartbeat, but alas it would not work.

This does leave me without any idea of what to do, but I am sure at some point I will see something and go "That's it!" Rita Hayworth would be wonderful to emulate but let's face it, it ain't easy to be "Gilda".


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Knitting Hats

NJ has been having its lovey days of Africa hot weather. And during these lovely days I have been inspired to knit my son a winter hat. 

I must have heat stroke.

Of course, finding a pattern where it is not an animal or so cutesy for a baby/toddler is almost impossible. I finally found a pattern on Major Knitter. Basic Newborn Baby Hat. It was quick and easy, but mine did not come out quite like the picture. I am almost certain it is because I used a different yarn. I am one of those rebellious knitters who will sometimes choose not to follow the recipe. I call them recipes instead of patterns. Anyway, it still looks cute, I will have to upload a photo. The next pattern I am working on is called the George Hat and I am using a color combo of brown and green. This one is not knitted in the round, but flat and I am going to sew the top together unlike the author who left it open. There is a bear hat, on Fiber Flux just a brown hat with pompom type ears, but it is not overly cutesy. By that I mean it does not have a face on it, see?

This will be the project after I finish the George Hat. I am not sure I would do it in brown, maybe a fun blue or something.
I had stopped knitting for awhile so it is nice to get back into it. 

Writing still goes on at all odd and spare moments. Sometimes I am able to write even when my little man is playing right next to me which is a big plus. Of course, this is when he lets me write and does not try to work the computer. :)


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Please, Do Sit Down

I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE Anglophile and I offer no apologies. I am aware that the majority of the English are nothing like the characters portrayed in North & South or Upstairs, Downstairs. (Look, they are just like us!) Any romanticized versions I have had through my lifetime have dissipated as I have gotten older. Plus I have had the enormous pleasure of visiting London and if I could, I would live there in a heartbeat. I am eager to visit the Lake country and Bath, okay, wait, let's stay on track here.
Anyway, the BBC did a few reality shows that I have thoroughly enjoyed of late. As someone who is fascinated by the old way of life, but enjoys modern conveniences, I appreciate being able to lose myself in a show about Victorian/Edwardian/40's lifestyles.

1900 House

1940 House

Manor House

PBS aired these shows and I have been watching them on YouTube. (I am sure there is copyright infringement by those who uploaded these videos, but I am posting links anyway. Makes my guilty too I know.)

The 1940 House was very eye opening considering I did not know much about The Blitz in London during WW2. The rationing and air raids were astonishing and everyone was so on edge, understandably so.

1900 House was not surprising, but I could not wish to live then as a lower middle class person because you were just a slave to the upkeep of the home. It was interesting to see how they adapted to using the materials and tools of the day considering the family was from 1999. The team that configured the house to be a true Victorian house always had neat bit of trivia re: wallpaper and ranges, etc.

So far, Manor House, in Edwardian times, is my favorite. It is literally 'Upstairs, Downstairs' come to life. The amount of food people ate, it is amazing they did not drop dead.

Still writing and editing. I caught some 'movie' snafus in my book. Like, my character cannot come through the ceiling wielding a gun and roll and land perfectly. Damn you Hollywood! But thank the Baby Jesus there are some sites out there like TV Tropes, that have been very helpful. One of the best things about writing is the amount of things you are always, always learning. Not just about the topic you have chosen, but about yourself in regards to endurance, patience and sense of humor. A writer's mind is always creating. Not such bad thing at all.


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Frida Kahlo

While I would love me an Auntie Mame wardrobe, Frida Kahlo is also in the running. Both very different, but both very individual and colorful. Since I have stopped tweezing my eyebrows for a few years now I can get closer to Frida's look. ahaha Actually, it is pretty interesting that I no longer tweeze, but my eyebrows are not that out of control. I am starting to think the beauty business machine made me think I would be a bush woman if I did not tweeze. I know, I know, I fell for marketing. What can I say except, "Oops."

Back to the subject at hand. When I was younger, I never appreciated her art, but as I got older and then saw the film with Salma Hayek, I became a huge fan of Ms. Frida. The colors, the brilliance, the way she lived her life in that "I do not give a rats' ass" way and how she saw life was fascinating. Her difficulties were plenty and yet, she produced things regardless. Sometimes I wish I had that stubborn streak. "I will write though I have laundry, a baby, need to shower, exercise, and many other errands. I will fit it in from 1:22pm to 1:38pm and no one will stop me!"

This is subdued for Frida, but it is one of my favorite paintings that she has done.

Okay, on a side note, I actually dressed up as her one Halloween. I had a bright turquoise skirt with beading and a peasant blouse, my hair up in the braid. I even drew in the unibrow. If I can find a picture I will post it.

Design Sponge does a nice feature on Frida. Kahlo. Style Icon: Frida Kahlo

I would love to look like this all the time, but at the present, could not really carry it off. File it under "One Day".