Tuesday, July 24, 2012

News Fast and Good Things

I do not live in a bubble or wear rose colored glasses, but sometimes reading or hearing about tragedies can become overwhelming and then I also internalize. I had come across a few stories from around the world that troubled me so much, one had to do with a six month old infants death at the hands of his father which brought on such a visceral reaction I believe I scared my husband, that I started to border on a panic attack. I am not one who lives to read news or watch it, so the last few days have been a sort of overload. Between Colorado and other incidents around the world, I suddenly feel like I have woken up in the middle of the  film "Seven". Dreary, dark, grim and slimy. I know humans can be dark creatures, but sometimes you want a little more of the light in life. That does not mean I am looking to avoid the horrors that exist as well as the good. Of course I want to be well informed, but does it really matter if I know about a local crime in Australia or Ireland? Most likely not. Things out of our control can oddly start to grip us and I would like to do my best to prevent that. I need to embrace my former news fast behavior once again just to keep my sanity. That also means my focus has to stay more on the arts, charities, food, things that empower, not cripple with fear of living.

I have a friend who dislikes Jonathan Adler something fierce. Pretty much considers him a hack and I do not really disagree, but I do like his new line of colorful sinks for Kohler. I do not think I would use them in my main kitchen, but I can see it in a mudroom or wet bar or even summer kitchen. 

Decor8 features an awesome kitchen out of Denmark. Bolig Magazine

Why have I only just discovered Wilder Quarterly?? Gardening, food, here is their blog. Oh boy, I am in trouble.

If you like Folk Art/Americana and all things Made in America, then Folk Magazine and it's blog will be of great interest.

Have a beautiful day!


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