Sunday, July 15, 2012

Just wow

Apparently in the world of reviews and reviewers there is an ugly battle going on. Seems some authors and readers are having knock down drag out fights and now there is a website site to fight these so-called Goodreads bullies. Yes, they have started a site to bully the bullies.
Really? What are we, seven?
I get people want to combat nasty and rude opinions when it does not lend itself to the work, but bullying back is not the solution. We all need to be better than that. Posting someone's personal info is a no no and I do not care how easy it is to find, do not help make it easier.
We are artists and some people will loathe your work no matter how much it sells or how long it sits on NY Times bestseller list. As I have said before, I hate the "In Death" series by Nora Roberts. I think it is trite, Eve is shallow, but do you think Nora Roberts cares? I also do not hate or attack the author personally. The wretched Twilight books and their evil spawn Fifty Shades of Gray are toilet paper to me and the grammar throughout those books are atrocious, but again, I am not calling the authors names or wishing them ill will. I am not sure why anyone would threaten an author or a reviewer over a book or a review. Astounding really.
I am someone who always reads the one star and five star reviews because you can get good info IF AND ONLY IF the person took the time to write a decent review about the actual content of the book. Saying you are pissed because the cover was ripped is lame and has nothing to do with the book and should be able to be deleted or you just ignore it.

Read the post about this ugly battle ad reader's comments on Smart Bitches Trashy Books.

**UPDATE: Writers Stacia Kane and Ann Sommerville share their opinions and some links on the matter.


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