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I am one of many whose name is on a loooooong list at their local library for a copy of  "Gone Girl' by Gillian Flynn. I had downloaded an excerpt to my Kindle and I liked it. Apparently it is a hot book and she is a very dark author. Truth be told I never heard of her until I read about the book a few months ago and thought the the subject matter sounded interesting. Of course, now with one sweep of Google I know all about her, her stint at Entertainment Weekly and her horrifying books. From what I gather reading reviews on Amazon and Good Reads is you will either love or hate her work. No in-between. So I cheated. I read spoilers on three of her novels: Dark Places, Sharp Objects and Gone Girl. For Gone Girl, when I had downloaded the excerpt, one of the first things I thought was **SPOILER ALERT HERE** "Amy pretended to be kidnapped" which is exactly what she did, but that is a very small piece in an enormous pie of misanthropic screw ups. Anyway, I did find out the ending and other juicy parts of the book and to be honest, I am fine knowing, now I am excited to see how well it is executed. Most readers seem to hate the endings of her novels. Everyone wants justice of some sort, but I admit, I like when people do not give a standard HEA. Sure it is going to leave you pissed off, I am sure I will be, but there are books out there that are meant to mess with our heads and stay in them for awhile. This seems to be the case of the book I discovered on Good Reads. (I have not become a member yet, but you do not need to be one to check out reviews and read book lists)

House of Leaves.

Right now, as I read this horror story I feel like I am in David Lynch's head. God Bless me. Add to that I get the whole Amityville Horror, American Horror Story and Evil Dead vibe and that sum it up beautifully. I am not sure if I will love this book, it has weird layouts, footnotes that are not real, all kinds of interesting strange stuff happening. Also I love the fist page where most people dedicate their novels to friend and family just has the following "This is not for you."
And hence the tone is set.  So far I cannot put it down which is a very good sign, but I will let you all know if I finish this 709 page novel. Yes, 709 pages. I cannot even fathom writing a book that long. It borders on insanely biblical.

Another thing. I like to read reviews on books. Mostly the one star reviews to find out what people disliked about the book. In Gilllian Flynn's case her reviews all varied. From language (curse words) to horrible writing, crappy plots, lack of outcomes, throwing in deus ex machina to the book was just too dark for some folks. I prefer the reviewers at Good Reads simply because there is no cattiness about the reviews. Amazon gets too pissy about people writing spoilers and reporting people and there was one reviewer who got into it with another about the quality of the book. She claimed 50 Shades of Crap, I mean, Gray, was good writing as it had a beginning, middle and end. (Sometimes that is all someone seeks. Bless Her Heart. Yes that was said with the requisite Southern Belle Accent) Then accused the person who disagreed with her as being over 50 and a prude. Let's hope that youngster cannot breed shall we? Anyway, Good Reads reviewers are a much more civil lot AND they will hide their reviews with a tag that says "Spoiler" so you have to click on that link to open the review. Very smart. *Note to Amazon there.

My writing is moving along, as all writing does, but I have an idea that keeps niggling at me and I do not want to address it until I am done editing. I heard that it took Chad Harbach ten years to finish "The Art of Fielding" God I want to be done sooner than that with the bounty hunter novel and get back to the Angel of Death one...but this other idea...arrgghhhh the creative mind LOL.


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