Monday, July 16, 2012

Beautiful Things

Hello Monday.
Now, I could be really deep and post about the beauty of life, spirituality or even simple living.
But not today. Today I am going to indulge in material things. Yes, I am going to indulge in the pricey, the ridiculous, the out of reach. Why? Because sometimes those things inspire. They may even make you aspire, but whatever the following things I post do, envy is not meant to come out of it. Beauty should never make one hateful or ugly. One should admire, respect and even attempt to replicate if you have the skills because that is the best of people instead of the worst.

I am obsessed, OBSESSED, with the Houzz website. I will not lie, it is incredible looking on the iPad.
This Craftsman Teahouse by the architectural firm Gardner Mohr Architects is something we would love to replicate for the exterior of our home.

Venegas and Company do beautiful cabinetry work.

This outdoor shower from Orvis makes me wish I had a really good reason for needing one of these.

I want storage drawers like these for our fruits and veggies when we redo our kitchen one day.

Big Chill refrigerators come in a variety of colors which is rare in this day of white, black and stainless steel.
These doors by Mendocino Doors are absolutely stunning. The craftsman ship is superb.

Stunning mudroom in Minneapolis.

Nothing more lovely than having an English Garden to wander through.

These bathrooms by Content Architecture are not usually my style, but I feel they are beautifully executed. Those pale blue glass tiles are stunning.

Have a very gorgeous day everyone!


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