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Still Around

I have been fiendishly writing like a good little authoress. Sometimes I catch myself over thinking a scene or a line and have to pull myself out and stop. Funny how one has to remind themselves that they are not trying to reinvent the wheel or publish THE GREAT AMERICAN NOVEL. Sure I would like to win a Pulitzer, but quite honestly, that is not why I have the desire to tell stories. I just believe I can write something in a different way, regardless of how many times the story has been done before.
Now I have to admit I could not finish House of Leaves. I tried, I really did, but it just got to be too off the wall and quite frankly, as beautiful and unusual as the layout of the book was, the story did not always hold me. I did like that the house was all sort of creepy, but it lost me after awhile. So I returned it and searched the library to see if anything jumped out at me. Amazing how many series there are and amazing that I am not a huge fan of such things. Anyway, I ended up che…

News Fast and Good Things

I do not live in a bubble or wear rose colored glasses, but sometimes reading or hearing about tragedies can become overwhelming and then I also internalize. I had come across a few stories from around the world that troubled me so much, one had to do with a six month old infants death at the hands of his father which brought on such a visceral reaction I believe I scared my husband, that I started to border on a panic attack. I am not one who lives to read news or watch it, so the last few days have been a sort of overload. Between Colorado and other incidents around the world, I suddenly feel like I have woken up in the middle of the  film "Seven". Dreary, dark, grim and slimy. I know humans can be dark creatures, but sometimes you want a little more of the light in life. That does not mean I am looking to avoid the horrors that exist as well as the good. Of course I want to be well informed, but does it really matter if I know about a local crime in Australia or Ireland? …

Off The Grid Living Article

Came across this article on The Guardian via the blog Down To Earth and it's an interesting read. A young man took photo's of his journey across American documenting how some Americans participate in off the grid living.
The comments section is even more interesting because of a discussion about how the project seems to  focus just on white people going back to the land and how it can come across as foolish or colonizing and libertarian. Read on and form your own opinion.

Lucas Foglia: the photographer in search of off-the-grid Americans


Beautiful Things

Hello Monday.
Now, I could be really deep and post about the beauty of life, spirituality or even simple living.
But not today. Today I am going to indulge in material things. Yes, I am going to indulge in the pricey, the ridiculous, the out of reach. Why? Because sometimes those things inspire. They may even make you aspire, but whatever the following things I post do, envy is not meant to come out of it. Beauty should never make one hateful or ugly. One should admire, respect and even attempt to replicate if you have the skills because that is the best of people instead of the worst.

I am obsessed, OBSESSED, with the Houzz website. I will not lie, it is incredible looking on the iPad.
This Craftsman Teahouse by the architectural firm Gardner Mohr Architects is something we would love to replicate for the exterior of our home.

Venegas and Company do beautiful cabinetry work.

This outdoor shower from Orvis makes me wish I had a really good reason for needing one of these.

I want storag…

Just wow

Apparently in the world of reviews and reviewers there is an ugly battle going on. Seems some authors and readers are having knock down drag out fights and now there is a website site to fight these so-called Goodreads bullies. Yes, they have started a site to bully the bullies.
Really? What are we, seven?
I get people want to combat nasty and rude opinions when it does not lend itself to the work, but bullying back is not the solution. We all need to be better than that. Posting someone's personal info is a no no and I do not care how easy it is to find, do not help make it easier.
We are artists and some people will loathe your work no matter how much it sells or how long it sits on NY Times bestseller list. As I have said before, I hate the "In Death" series by Nora Roberts. I think it is trite, Eve is shallow, but do you think Nora Roberts cares? I also do not hate or attack the author personally. The wretched Twilight books and their evil spawn Fifty Shades of Gray …

Currently Reading

I am one of many whose name is on a loooooong list at their local library for a copy of  "Gone Girl' by Gillian Flynn. I had downloaded an excerpt to my Kindle and I liked it. Apparently it is a hot book and she is a very dark author. Truth be told I never heard of her until I read about the book a few months ago and thought the the subject matter sounded interesting. Of course, now with one sweep of Google I know all about her, her stint at Entertainment Weekly and her horrifying books. From what I gather reading reviews on Amazon and Good Reads is you will either love or hate her work. No in-between. So I cheated. I read spoilers on three of her novels: Dark Places, Sharp Objects and Gone Girl. For Gone Girl, when I had downloaded the excerpt, one of the first things I thought was **SPOILER ALERT HERE** "Amy pretended to be kidnapped" which is exactly what she did, but that is a very small piece in an enormous pie of misanthropic screw ups. Anyway, I did find out …

The 'Busy' Trap - NY TIMES

As someone who grew up in NJ in close proximity to NYC, being busy is pretty much a way of life. You cannot live close to one of the most excitement cities in the world and not have ambitions, dreams, a desire to conquer all even if that only means car pooling your kids to three events in one day and then attending a yoga class.
Tim Kreider wrote a great opinion piece called "The 'Busy' Trap" which encapsulates how we all live today. Whether you are in Pittsburgh, Asheville, Los Angeles, New York or Ann Arbor, you will always act or say you are busy because if not, you perceive yourself as a lay about who should be trying harder to have your time taken up by the monotonous and mundane.
Now granted, I have a child so I am busier than Tim, but this comment is exactly how I feel.
"I am the laziest ambitious person I know. Like most writers, I feel like a reprobate who does not deserve to live on any day that I do not write, but I also feel that four or five hours is…

When is Too Much Dialog Too Much?

We all like a nice light and airy, not a lot of thinking required books now and then. For me, that usually means some erotica/romance novel.
Now, I admit my own writing can be a little heavy on the dialog at times, but the two books I read had me groaning "Oh Come on!" in the style of  "Arrested Development" most of the time.

Both books were so heavy on the dialog that I was shocked when there was a moment where no one was talking. Then again, through the one book I was in the characters head so much I hated her. HATED HER.
H.A.T.E.D.  One of the reviewers on Amazon likened her to an emotional noodle and that pretty much sums it up. I almost wanted her to end up alone in a fetal position because she was just one big dimension of self pity. Every five minutes we were reminded by her vocalizing it to someone else or in her head that she couldn't let the man of her ever loving dreams in because he would hate what he would find. Or when he did get in and the sex sce…

Yup, this sums it up.

A June 8 post by YA writer, Natalie Whipple, pretty much states exactly what I have been going through as I edit/rehash my bounty hunter type novel. I have gutted full scenes and rewrote characters even when I loved something I had written in regards to description or dialogue, but it just did not work.

Allow Yourself To Think of Alternatives

I believe writers constantly question their path, their ideas and their dedication. We are solitary. We only have ourselves to answer to, until you have an agent, but I think even then, you are pretty much on your own.
I bounce things off my dog, my cat and my 6 month old. I say lines out loud to see if they make sense. I constantly say, "Write how your characters talk not you." 

When I learned how to knit one of things out teacher said to us in regards to making mistakes is "Do not be afraid to rip it out." There are times when you may have knit 10 rows and then catch the mistake. Sometimes it is not just an easy fix, sometime…