Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Washing Dishes. I am not kidding.

In the worlds of homesteading and sustainable living I would be a heretic, an outcast. Why? Simple. I do not know how to really wash dishes.
Stop laughing. I am serious. I am one of those who lets the water run, which offends many in other parts of the world as they were taught differently for reasons like scarcity of water or just plain conservation,  as she scrubs the grit and grime from the silverware and pots. My mom filled the sink, but I never paid attention because once she had a dishwasher it was all she used. Believe me when I say  I have attempted to fill the sink with suds but it never works. I eventually leave the water running as I rinse so that defeats any water saving purposes. My mother in law fills the sink with soap and to tell you the truth it grosses me out. You have all these things mixed together, soaking in the same water that you being to scrub in and then you are supposed to rinse in another sink or bin. It reminds me of when we take baths. When you think about it you are sitting in dirty water when it is all said and done. Hmmmm... I mean, do you let the dirty dishes pileup all day then wash them? How often are you scrubbing the sink from all the grime build up? This is stuff I need to figure out because winging it so far has gotten me in a bit of  mix. I need answers! Ha ha.
My husband prefers the dishwasher which is fine because we let it get full before we run it and then we use the air dry feature instead of heat dry.
When I decided to Google "washing dishes" or "How to wash dishes" I had no idea myriad of posts there were on the subject. I have so many options on how to do them that I am even more confused then ever.

This post on The Kitchn had their readers chime in on their techniques.

Rhonda at Down To Earth posted this little diddy and I blame this post, in a good way, for making me think about how I wash dishes by hand.

Cornell University has culled an immense archive to the art of Home Economics called Hearth. I have not found anything on dish washing yet, but give me time.

Do your own search and you will see how many opinions there are on this ever day task .

In the meantime I need to figure out if this is the one area I will never be fully "green" or "homesteady" in or if at some point I will achieve dish washing Nirvana.


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