Monday, June 11, 2012

Pureed Cauliflower

Things have been a touch busy here at Chez MissFifi. Yard work, house stuff, baking, cooking, baby and actually being social. I am not complaining in the least, just exhaling really.
This past Friday we made the trek to Wegman's in Bridgewater and I bought 2 gorgeous heads of cauliflower. This meant I could finally do a cauliflower puree recipe. I researched and ended up using this one from The Kitchn. Very tasty! I will actually be having some for lunch today as well. It was a side to mini salmon sliders, also purchased at Wegman's and also very tasty, and I made a nice mustard/mayo sauce. A simple and delicious dinner.
Sad to say I am turning into George R R Martin and am unsure when I will be getting back to my manuscript. (No dis to George at all, just more of a camaraderie of understanding in not being able to be obscenely prolific) This is because my baby is having all sort of fun going through a growth spurt along with teething. Mama has been exhausted. So much so I passed out at 9:30pm last night. 9:30. Good Lord. I can remember going to clubs at 11:30pm and not getting home until close to 4am. Cue Edith and Archie, "Those were the days!"


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