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Define Normal

I am one of the few people in the free world who has chosen not to read "Fifty Shades of Gray".  I did peek at it on Amazon and still marvel that this poorly pieced Twilight rip-off is making the author very rich, but God does have a strange sense of humor. Anyway, the reason I am bringing the book up is because the other night at a work out class a woman asked another about the series of books and her final question was "Does he finally become normal?"

It bugged the ever loving hell out of me.

What's normal? Missionary position only? No talking? I hold the author a little responsible. When you base a book on another book and use the same "send the frail needy heroine to rescue the brooding man before he falls" premise tied up (nice pun there) with BDSM as a "bad" thing, which indicates to me that she has never read a good Joey W. Hill novel, well, I am at a loss.

I will never understand why anyone thinks BDSM is abnormal.You may not want to be tied up, call your significant other Master or Mistress, have a two foot dildo shoved up your bum or have safety words, but those that do, they are healthy adults. Not everyone that likes to indulge in a little kink has a dark past or abuse issues. Sure some do, but there are also very devout Christians who have dark pasts and maybe only have straight boring sex. See where I am going here? Normal is all relative. Again, have not read book so I am not sure if he is a sadistic prick, but I doubt half the world's population would be swooning over Christian Gray if he was. Like other readers I do enjoy an HEA now and then, but wouldn't it have been more interesting if she met him, became enraptured of his world and when chosen as a submissive for someone else who then wants to turn her into a switch where she is also a Mistress? Now THAT can bring on some serious conflict and desire. This may have happened, I have no idea, but think of the possibilities. Look, I know people loved the book and whatnot and maybe, just maybe, she has spiced up some bedrooms, but in the end, BDSM practitioners will still be viewed as abnormal freaks or broken and that is just absurd. 

Let me add, I wished I had trained to be a Domanitrix. There is something amazing about that power. The plus for me is that sex was not required. Submissives can touch as much as you want or not at all. I could smack someone around if that is what they wanted or just talk to them while they wear a blindfold. It is all about giving someone a safe outlet/place for their fetishes. Trust is important and I would have enjoyed that. 

Just in case you are interested in BDSM and were afraid to search on it, here is some stuff to enlighten you.

The Society of Janus has some excellent info and classes like Make Your Own Leather Paddle.

Check out this documentary BDSM: It's Not What You Think.

Find your local BDSM scene by state here.



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