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Fun Friday

I have become a touch obsessed with my Spotify account. I have created some serious play lists. I use Pandora too and if I hear something I dig, I grab it on Spotify and put it on my list. When I get a new car one day, I want both of these in said car. Here are a few songs I recently downloaded along with some fun links.

Wire - Ahead

Wonder Stuff - Wish Away

Duffy - Mercy

Clan of Xymox - Obsession

Bronski Beat - Hit That Perfect Beat

Front 242 - First In First Out

Antoni Gaudi apartments - love his work

Rhubarb Crumb Squares - I don't make stuff like this because the hubby won't eat it, but they look yummy. From Mennonite Girls Can Cook

Kathy Ireland's retreat in France. Yes, I am jealous.

I could not love this house anymore. A Country Farmhouse

Have a great weekend!


Define Normal

I am one of the few people in the free world who has chosen not to read "Fifty Shades of Gray".  I did peek at it on Amazon and still marvel that this poorly pieced Twilight rip-off is making the author very rich, but God does have a strange sense of humor. Anyway, the reason I am bringing the book up is because the other night at a work out class a woman asked another about the series of books and her final question was "Does he finally become normal?"

It bugged the ever loving hell out of me.
What's normal? Missionary position only? No talking? I hold the author a little responsible. When you base a book on another book and use the same "send the frail needy heroine to rescue the brooding man before he falls" premise tied up (nice pun there) with BDSM as a "bad" thing, which indicates to me that she has never read a good Joey W. Hill novel, well, I am at a loss.
I will never understand why anyone thinks BDSM is abnormal.You may not want to…

Cottage Food Law

Quick post here. Seems you can now bake bread and sell it at your farmer's market without the USDA and other government agencies demanding you have a food grade kitchen.

From the Urban Homesteading Blog: Cottage Food Bill

Have been writing A LOT. Whoo hoo! Relief and anxiety all rolled into one there, but it is finally moving along and I thank God for that. Will be back with a proper post soon.


Grammar Dilemma

As a writer, I struggle with all sorts of things grammatically. One of those lovely struggles I probably learned about in English class, but have forgotten, like diagrams, wretched things, is the apposite phrase.  Moira Allen posted a great piece about the differences and difficulties on
Understanding the Apposite Phrase

Cheers! MissFifi

Pixar Story Rules (one version)

A friend forwarded this about Pixar Story Rules to me and wrote "Seems like good advice (at least to a non writer like myself)".  I found all the story rules dead on and a few stood out. especially the two I will discuss here.

I am sure other writers find this hard like I do:  
#8: Finish your story, let go even if it’s not perfect. In an ideal world you have both, but move on. Do better next time.

You hope to do better, but you panic, thinking you are crap. Then when crap gets published by others and does well, you wonder why you are worrying. We all have our own standards, do not lower them or try to use someone else's to get to where you are going. Must remind myself to move on everyday and not worry about "perfect". Perfect slows you down, screws you up and delays you from having someone actually looking at your manuscript.

That being stated so well some of you readers know I have been rewriting/editing a book about a Bounty Hunter I started a few years ago. Th…

Pureed Cauliflower

Things have been a touch busy here at Chez MissFifi. Yard work, house stuff, baking, cooking, baby and actually being social. I am not complaining in the least, just exhaling really.
This past Friday we made the trek to Wegman's in Bridgewater and I bought 2 gorgeous heads of cauliflower. This meant I could finally do a cauliflower puree recipe. I researched and ended up using this one from The Kitchn. Very tasty! I will actually be having some for lunch today as well. It was a side to mini salmon sliders, also purchased at Wegman's and also very tasty, and I made a nice mustard/mayo sauce. A simple and delicious dinner.
Sad to say I am turning into George R R Martin and am unsure when I will be getting back to my manuscript. (No dis to George at all, just more of a camaraderie of understanding in not being able to be obscenely prolific) This is because my baby is having all sort of fun going through a growth spurt along with teething. Mama has been exhausted. So much so I pas…

Homemade Granola Bars

I have been on a serious quest to find some delicious quick snacks to have on hand. There are times during the day where my mind begins to melt and my body believes sleep is necessary. This especially sucks when I am trying to write because I sometimes forget what I was going to do next in my own novel. Where did that character go and why is he now a she type of scenarios. Not really, but it makes for good drama eh? Plus the 5:45am wake up calls due to one little boy could be part of the issue, but he really is so darn cute so he gets a pass.
One of the snacks I have been considering making from scratch is the could be cardboard tasting if you do not do it right granola bars. There are many recipes out there. Some looked awesome and some were of that Martha Stewart intensity where you wondered where that woman had the time to even pee. But not this recipe I found. That is correct my fair-haired Goldilocks it looks just right. Wanna know why? Because I have ever single ingredient on ha…

Washing Dishes. I am not kidding.

In the worlds of homesteading and sustainable living I would be a heretic, an outcast. Why? Simple. I do not know how to really wash dishes.
Stop laughing. I am serious. I am one of those who lets the water run, which offends many in other parts of the world as they were taught differently for reasons like scarcity of water or just plain conservation,  as she scrubs the grit and grime from the silverware and pots. My mom filled the sink, but I never paid attention because once she had a dishwasher it was all she used. Believe me when I say  I have attempted to fill the sink with suds but it never works. I eventually leave the water running as I rinse so that defeats any water saving purposes. My mother in law fills the sink with soap and to tell you the truth it grosses me out. You have all these things mixed together, soaking in the same water that you being to scrub in and then you are supposed to rinse in another sink or bin. It reminds me of when we take baths. When you think abou…

Foxgloves - Deadly and Lovely

I have a new found love for foxgloves and because of this I have chosen to grow them, on a mound, behind my hostas. Deer dislike foxgloves you see and so, to try and protect the hostas, better known as deer crack, I have planted some foxgloves. Aren't they stunning?? Pardon my propane tank in the background.

I would really like to get a whole slew of them going on that hill you see in the background. This falls under an area that we do not want to maintain much so I have planted foxgloves, astilbe, hostas and forget-me- nots there. I know the foxgloves need to be replaced as they are biennials, but that is okay. I see various colors just blowing in the breeze. Even though they are a very poisonous plant, it is where good old digitalis comes from. Yup, I am growing hearts medication. Regardless of their toxicity, I will have to mind them when the boy gets older so they may not always be in that exact spot. I am sure I can teach him not to touch the pretty flowers, but kids are kids…