Monday, April 23, 2012

Writing Delays Can Be Good

I know, I know. Sort of seems suspect that I would make such a statement, but over the last week I have come to realize it is very true. I don't say this lightly. I say this as someone who understand why it takes some authors 8 years to finish a novel. Editing sucks, but it is also mind-blowingly fun. 

I confuse you, but bear with me.

I have been watching my own writing improve, you see, and that has been the fun part. Just when I thought I had a brilliant scene or dialogue I reread it and wish I had Gibbs around to smack me on the head.

There have been moments where I look at what is on the page and marvel at its simplicity or cringe at its attempt to be so much more than what is necessary. You get what I mean. Come one, we try to sound so impressive, so educated, forgetting it is the character's voices, not ours that has to shine through. I almost feel like an odd stage mother who needs to be reined in something fierce.
My frustrations align with other writers who just I want to be done. I also get anxious because those three people out there that will buy my book need to read it NOW.
The delay also has helped with my other novel in progress. (Jesus, I feel like James Patterson with all his writing partners. "Today we will work on this.")  One day last week I was sitting here, probably feeding or playing with the boy, when it hit me what was wrong with one of my main characters. I also figured out my introduction of her was pretty lame. Or at least it could be much better. She can be more then what I have made her. So Dr. Fifistein is going back to the drawing board and is very excited. I also discovered some other goodies in regards to Biblical texts and mythologies that will be very helpful to my story. Narrowing it all down will be difficult, but I would rather deal with too much instead of too little.

So I hope you did not snooze too much through my little love fest on delays. For me it has been a "good thing". (Do you hear Martha every time anyone utters those words? I know I do. Then there is  "The More You Know" too, but let's take it easy here shall we?)  What I am most hopeful for is that these delays make everything a bit better, a bit more professional and a bit closer to getting published.


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