Monday, April 30, 2012

Sometimes Others Say It Better

Jessica over at ReadReactReview gives her "Three Cents" on The Story Siren Plagiarism case and she does it brilliantly. Her third point about women and moral autonomy is so dead on it is scary.
Most women, when it comes to ethical stances, are immediately called out as bitches or less than when we speak out against an in justice of any kind. To me there is too much infighting among our sex and it does not seem to be stopping anytime soon which saddens me. Calling the bloggers who had been ripped off "bitches" and "jealous" for making people aware of what had happened is beyond ludicrous. here we have a well known blogger, Story Siren,who ripped off others hard work. It is wrong. End of story. This bullshit of she made a small mistake is ridiculous. The woman screwed up big time and she needs to own up and pay the price. Her staying quiet while her loyalists go out and rip those she stole from a new asshole is not the adult way of handling things. What her and her beloveds must understand is that when people bust their ass and someone else takes credit for it, it sucks. It sucks and it is just wrong.
Now, the fact that this incident has brought on a lot of thoughtful discussions is fantastic. Maybe too many people do not understand what plagiarism really is anymore since the internet makes everything so accessible. All content must be cited and recognized. It is the ethical thing to do.


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