Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Scheduling and a meal

I recently had an epiphany. Yesterday, when I did about 10 loads of laundry, okay it was four but it felt like ten, I realized I would have to seriously consider setting up my week like I was back in a corporate office. Sort of like, Monday- laundry and vacuuming, Tuesday baking and gardening, etc. Then again, this would make me like the character of Alison Bradbury in The Sure Thing. [checking her calendar] Let's see, Friday. 5:30, dinner. 6:00, Calculus. 7:00, news. 7:30, shower. 7:45, phone call. 

Who wants to live like that? 

Certainly not moi, but I do need to do something. What ends up happening is a running list goes through my mind and if my little one does not nap longer then an hour, well, I am pretty much up a creek sans paddle. I try to check email, write, do laundry, cook, take care of dog, research for book or something for the house, it is a never ending cycle. Then at night I cook, try to spend time with hubby, write, and read. Hello, multitasking is bad and fries one's brain. This why I figure if I at least try to set myself easy goals, I will avoid making myself nuts by trying to achieve a weeks worth of errands/chores/writing in one day. Laundry will be a challenge because if the young lad has a diaper blow out, poop in the pj's is not fun, I gotta run a load of wash. So laundry will always be flexible.

Let me share this fabulous recipe. Our Kale plants never died thanks to our mild winter so I wanted to use some of the beautiful new leaves. After one recipe after another encouraging me to go the safe route of kale and white beans, I came across a recipe that made me do a little jig in the kitchen. The one main ingredient, seitan, was absent from or fridge and I also did not have tofu. So I decided to use red cabbage in its place and it was superb. Please, you must make it since it is so yummy.


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