Sunday, April 22, 2012

Andrew Shaffer

I am in love.

Not that squeaky, icky, feeling all tingly kind of love. More like a camaraderie, guy on my side, kicking ass together love. I have come across author and fellow snarker Andrew Shaffer and it is kinship I tell you. Here is someone who also loathes the ridiculousness known as "50 Shades of Grey" and will now be publishing a parody of it.

There is a God and he is amused.

An interview in Publishers Weekly alerted me to Mr. Shaffer's existence and I am grateful. I love that he says,  "I've read hundreds of professionally published romance novels," he said, “most of which were as good, or better, than Fifty Shades of Grey."  Read whole article here.

Thank you!!! In erotica, Emma Holly, Joey W. Hill and many, many more do it waaaaaaaaaaaaay better. I blame the Twilight connection for all the bally hoo over this book.No, I have not read it and since I need to be fair, I decided to do the "Look Inside" on Amazon.


What the hell with all the italicized thoughts??? Are we in grade school? Does everyone think like this? Have I just entered the world and am unawares? Can she really by this virginal and shit? Can't this author show the character's reactions instead of spelling it out like I am learning to read? Oh sorry, I got caught up there for a moment. Did you feel my thoughts? Seriously though, I twitch in that world of poor grammar and bad writing. Sure some would say us unpublished authors are just sour grapes, but I beg to differ. A woman named Tara in Oregon wrote an awesome letter to Entertainment Weekly stating that she has been trying to get her original content book published for three years and clearly she is doing it all wrong. She states that she is gong to take "Gone With The Wind", change some of the names, add some mad sex scenes and call it "Fifity Maids in Grey". Alert Hollywood and all the publishers. Right on Sister!
Back to the sour grapes thing. I only get angry when piss poor character development, or lack there of and writing is praised as reinventing the written word. I get angry when authors who have been working in this genre for a long time without much fanfare get passed over by some hack. Yeah, I said it and now I will spell it. H-A-C-K.

As women we are taught to never say something sucks, play nice and make comments like, "Good for her even though it is not my style or for me."

Bull. Be honest. This book is poor fan fiction and Mr. Shaffer has done a parody that is downright

50 Shames of Earl Grey.

I am going to read the rest of that and then get back to my current book. Savages by Don Winslow. I need to rave about this book, but in another post.


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