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Sometimes Others Say It Better

Jessica over at ReadReactReview gives her "Three Cents" on The Story Siren Plagiarism case and she does it brilliantly. Her third point about women and moral autonomy is so dead on it is scary.
Most women, when it comes to ethical stances, are immediately called out as bitches or less than when we speak out against an in justice of any kind. To me there is too much infighting among our sex and it does not seem to be stopping anytime soon which saddens me. Calling the bloggers who had been ripped off "bitches" and "jealous" for making people aware of what had happened is beyond ludicrous. here we have a well known blogger, Story Siren,who ripped off others hard work. It is wrong. End of story. This bullshit of she made a small mistake is ridiculous. The woman screwed up big time and she needs to own up and pay the price. Her staying quiet while her loyalists go out and rip those she stole from a new asshole is not the adult way of handling things. What her…


Yes, the pescetarian is here to discuss lard. One of the things most people do not understand about me and mine is that while we do not eat meat, we believe that those who do should get it organically. I do not mean chi-chi look at me spending $20 a pound meat. I mean, know your farmer. Where we live in NJ, there are quite a few farms that sell their livestock for consumption. If I still ate pork or lamb or beef, you bet your sweet ass I would be going to the local farm for it as opposed to the supermarket. 
The one argument I have gotten into with meat eaters is that you should care about what you are eating, regardless if it is a hamburger or swiss chard. Of course this is construed as elitist to some, but tough cookies. Cows that have been raised like they used to be raised, you know, among grass and fresh air, are going to taste a helluva a lot better then cows sitting in a metal building all being pumped full of antibiotics. If this does not faze you, by all means, go with God, bu…

Writing Delays Can Be Good

I know, I know. Sort of seems suspect that I would make such a statement, but over the last week I have come to realize it is very true. I don't say this lightly. I say this as someone who understand why it takes some authors 8 years to finish a novel. Editing sucks, but it is also mind-blowingly fun. 
I confuse you, but bear with me.
I have been watching my own writing improve, you see, and that has been the fun part. Just when I thought I had a brilliant scene or dialogue I reread it and wish I had Gibbs around to smack me on the head.

There have been moments where I look at what is on the page and marvel at its simplicity or cringe at its attempt to be so much more than what is necessary. You get what I mean. Come one, we try to sound so impressive, so educated, forgetting it is the character's voices, not ours that has to shine through. I almost feel like an odd stage mother who needs to be reined in something fierce. My frustrations align with other writers who just I wan…

Andrew Shaffer

I am in love.

Not that squeaky, icky, feeling all tingly kind of love. More like a camaraderie, guy on my side, kicking ass together love. I have come across author and fellow snarker Andrew Shaffer and it is kinship I tell you. Here is someone who also loathes the ridiculousness known as "50 Shades of Grey" and will now be publishing a parody of it.

There is a God and he is amused.

An interview in Publishers Weekly alerted me to Mr. Shaffer's existence and I am grateful. I love that he says,  "I've read hundreds of professionally published romance novels," he said, “most of which were as good, or better, than Fifty Shades of Grey."  Read whole article here.

Thank you!!! In erotica, Emma Holly, Joey W. Hill and many, many more do it waaaaaaaaaaaaay better. I blame the Twilight connection for all the bally hoo over this book.No, I have not read it and since I need to be fair, I decided to do the "Look Inside" on Amazon.


What the hel…

Twisted Humor

Is it wrong that I find this very funny? Probably, but humor is always best in times of sadness.


Scheduling and a meal

I recently had an epiphany. Yesterday, when I did about 10 loads of laundry, okay it was four but it felt like ten, I realized I would have to seriously consider setting up my week like I was back in a corporate office. Sort of like, Monday- laundry and vacuuming, Tuesday baking and gardening, etc. Then again, this would make me like the character of Alison Bradbury in The Sure Thing. [checking her calendar] Let's see, Friday. 5:30, dinner. 6:00, Calculus. 7:00, news. 7:30, shower. 7:45, phone call. 
Who wants to live like that? 
Certainly not moi, but I do need to do something. What ends up happening is a running list goes through my mind and if my little one does not nap longer then an hour, well, I am pretty much up a creek sans paddle. I try to check email, write, do laundry, cook, take care of dog, research for book or something for the house, it is a never ending cycle. Then at night I cook, try to spend time with hubby, write, and read. Hello, multitasking is bad and fries on…

Weekly Roundup via Videos

Been a tad busy in a very good way. Our child has decided that 7:30pm is his favorite time to go to bed so I have been taking advantage of that and been writing my butt off. (If only that was feasible as it could stand to be a tad more J Lo then flat and low.) And when I am writing, I am happy. Getting the child to nap is another matter, but he is a happy baby and why mess with a good thing. He does nap on our walks and in the car. This is after we chat in his language for about 15 minutes or so. I guess he feels he got his conversation in and can now sleep in peace. If he is like this at 3 1/2 months old God only knows how amusing he will be at 3. Check in with me in a few years...

Anyhoo, I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of the music of Skinny Puppy and, as my hubby was listening to Pandora, a project of the lead singer Ogre came on. I had forgotten how much I loved this song: Pore by ogHr

Yesterday I stopped at Trader Joe's to pick up some things to make baked shrimp enchiladas. As my …


I am sure I could have come up with a more creative title, but due to lack of sleep, that is all I got.

Cemeteries have always held a fascination for me. All the history, the old tombstones. I like to visit those that no longer have visitors. You know, people buried in 1877 and what not. There was one tombstone I had seen once that has always stuck with me. The woman passed away during child birth then her baby died six weeks later. I wish I could recall the date because I wonder if there was a flu epidemic or if it was just the sign of the times.
One of the things I have always wanted to do was put together a photography book of random tombstones like the one I just mentioned as a way of documenting area histories. It would probably go along the line of this book.

Here are some samples of headstones that embody what I would like to compile into a book.

This one mentions the cholera epidemic: 

Cheers! MissFiFi