Thursday, March 22, 2012

Speak Softly

My husband got a book from the library a few weeks ago that addresses being an introvert in a very extroverted world. Can you guess who is the introvert in our family? :) Anyway, the book is called Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain.  I have been picking it up and leafing through it and it is quite eye opening. I see myself in some of the people discussed and my husband in others. I also found it insulting that shyness/introversion is so looked down upon. I never once have thought of someone as stupid or weak for not screaming like a Housewife of NJ. If you must know, I am a little jealous of those who are soft spoken can can make their point without booming. Let me put it this way, Gordon Ramsay and I would never, ever get along. You do not get to scream I am an idiot or throw things at me. Sorry, that is not a motivator. 
When I watched the documentary about Vidal Sassoon, a colleague of his told a story of how Vidal would fire you. He would never yell or scream. He would speak in a low voice as if you were just having a simple conversation and say   "You do not really belong here."  That would have a much more serious impact to me then have you take my scissor and combs and toss them on the street screaming I was a failure. I am not saying Vidal never screamed, he may have, but the approach that was brought up seems much more effective.
Not to be a total slag on Gordon Ramsay, here he is, being humbled and funny on one of my favorite, favorite shows, The Graham Norton Show. 


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