Tuesday, March 27, 2012

May The Links Be With You

Since I am hard pressed for time most days, unless my darling boy is napping like he is now, I breeze through various blogs that I love to keep abreast of the latest and greatest in the world. It is the new discoveries I enjoy best. So with that I will share today's goodies with you all while the sound of the boy's swing is bliss.

I love anatomy. I am also a repressed nurse/doctor. I Heart Guts sells plush organs. This is now my crack. LUNGS!!!

I would have made a great Southern Gal. The food blog Ezra Pound Cake, seriously BEST NAME EVER, has a delish recipe for Chocolate Pecan Bourbon Pie with Bourbon Sauce. Someone pinch me.

These wonderful suggestions about what to bring as a hostess gift would be most welcome in my home. Food wins every single time people, take note.

While I am mastering the art of shoveling food in my mouth faster then the competitor's for the Nathans' Hot Dog barf fest, this book could come in handy.

All artsy and fun things Buddha at Buddha Groove.

I have always loved Rhonda's posts at Down To Earth about her simple living and how it is attainable for most folks. One day I may start canning, but for now I read what delicious things people like Rhonda and Marisa from the blog Food In Jars are putting up.

Sticking with my sweet tooth, I present to you all these beautiful Boston Cream Cupcakes. Just gaze at them with me.


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