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Good Morning

The fun thing about having a three month old is they change their schedules quite frequently. So when they get up at 6am a few days in a row, you do a small jig in the praise of sleep. Of course, once you realize that is part of the growth spurt and the 4-4:30am feedings are back, you soldier on while cursing God for this small design flaw in the growth spurt. At least I do. Sure God has heard it all before, but just in case, I wanted to make myself heard.
Anyway, one of the more impressive, or is it miraculous?, things of late is I am on a writing bender. I declared myself no longer a slave to being a brilliant story teller. Not that I am looking to be mediocre, I just need to stop focusing on every piece of minutiae. Seriously, it got to a point where every description, every line of dialogue was critical. Instead I have decided to refer back to one of my favorite films, "Bullets Over Broadway" where Chazz Palminteri's character says to John Cusack's, "Your problem is you don't write like people talk."
That was me! I had lost the rhythm of conversation between my characters. Their voices become jumbled, erratic, monotone. They were no longer people I invented, but robots going through motions I plugged in with a few words. Now, with my new attitude, they are alive and kicking individuals and I am liberated. Funny how a simple declaration to write "trash" freed me. Again, trash to me is a quick ride of a novel that is fun, but in no way will garner a Pulitzer. My thesaurus will still be in use even though I am not destined to be Shakespeare or Joyce Carol Oates.
What has also happened is that my pitch for a query letter has started to come easier too. I am still not one hundred percent sure I am going to go for an agent. I may stills elf publish, but this time I figure, give the new vibe a shot. So I will reach out to a few agents and if no bites, move on to Amazon.

A totally different scene here from the one I mentioned in Bullets Over Broadway, but Diane Wiest was GENIUS.



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