Thursday, March 1, 2012

Documentary Day

The weather was very dreary yesterday with a few flurries and rain. I started my day doing laundry and a few other house things then after activity time with the boy and a feed or two I decided to put on a movie. Sometimes the little man likes to be rocked and fall asleep and since he can't be spoiled just yet, I enjoy that bonding time. Lucky for me I chose two excellent documentaries. The first was Bill Cunninghma New York  which was all about the man who has been the eyes behind the "On The Street" and "Evening Hours" layouts in the NY Times. It was incredibly fascinating and is something I would even watch again.

The second documentary was The September Issue which shows how one of the biggest issues of Vogue Magazine comes together over time. There was an incredible amount of intensity and creativity throughout the documentary along with lots of personality. Anna Wintour does not come across as icy as everyone seems to make her. I became a HUGE fan of Grace Coddington, Creative Director, because she shots from the hip and has an incredible eye for design and layouts.

Today's weather is icky as well and I have gotten sucked into Bravo's Million Dollar Listing - Los Angeles and I have to say it is pretty amusing how impressed these realtors, buyers and sellers are with themselves. Sure if I was making close to a $500K commission I would be pretty cocky, but I am not sure even then it would be warranted. Granted A LOT of money gets tossed around, where the hell is it coming from is beyond me, but come on now. Who the heck needs a 20,000 square foot house with two, yes two, master bedrooms?? I guess when you have that kind of money you can spend it anyway you want on anything you want. Such is life.


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