Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Cult of Personality

How did Bravo become straight up Reality TV? And how did I get sucked into some of the crap they air? I will blame my beautiful son since it during his feeds that I will put a movie on Netflix or we listen to music. Other times I will watch shows like 'MIllion Dollar Listing', there is now a NYC one, or something completely cheesy like 'Mob Wives'. I do love Big Ang, she is the bomb. God Bless.
What baffles me mostly when watching this crap, let us be honest, most of it is out and out crap, is that the general public loves these shows. The Bachelor, Jersey Shore, All the Housewives...My mom-in-law digs the Housewives of NJ and was begging us to take her to Franklin Lakes so she could check it out. No, we did not oblige her. What I would like to see is something like Housewives of Omaha. Now THAT would be much more interesting. And I mean real Housewives, none of this nouveau riche bull.
I find the matchmaking shows even more horrifying. What makes me wonder is why would anyone want to be on camera and pretty much be made to look like a jackass. I have yet to see a snippet of the matchmaking shows where it does not feel scripted or pathetic. Patti Stanger will straight up tell women if she thinks they are fat or ugly or too young looking and not in a nice, helpful way. Now, to be catty, she is no looker so to have someone who could use serious tips on how to dress themselves tells you that you are ugly is pretty screwy.
These shows clearly have an audience because as one who hates the type of stuff has sat through them at some point. Right now I am watching Lori Zaslow have her stylist wax some guy's chest before they match him with a young lady. Granted the man signed a release, but why oh why would anyone want to be told on TV they are crap until these women mold them into generic models of males.
Do most of the people that watch this know that it is scripted and that most of these folks are not really wealthy or are jokes in their towns? Do they care? I know we have talked about mindless literature as escapism so I guess this type of programming serves the same purpose. Harmless fun as long as it does not become all consuming.

And on a lighter note, I really like this house tour big time because the owner commented on each picture and I loved that.


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