Friday, March 9, 2012

Been Caught Stealing

When I was a kid we lived in a two family house on the second floor and we were broken into twice and had our cars stolen. There is such a creepy feeling knowing that strangers tore through your stuff and took things that may have had some sentimental value. I certainly have no desire to relieve that awful violation and  fear, especially now with a child. I would not think twice about clocking someone out who comes into my home uninvited.
This brings me to my present home town where there have been a rash of robberies for the last few months. The consensus is that it's mostly people on drugs who need cash to get a fix.
My town is not the type of town one should wander into thinking "Hey, rich folks."
First off, any town will have haves and have nots. Some areas have multi million haves and million have nots, but you get what I mean. My area is nice, but it is not hoarding the likes of Bel Air money. I am also aware that the economy is making people do things they shouldn't. So let us pretend these people doing the burglaries are desperate for stuff to sell to make ends meet. Here is why you should NOT be in my area.
A decent amount of people work from home, are retired or are stay at home moms. My street pretty much has someone in every house at various times. An odd car rolls down, we all know about it.
Security wise people have dogs and systems like ADT or Slomins, but in truth, it seem a lot of folks out here pack heat. (I love semi-rural living!) This will not bode well for some fool.
 I always thought it took a lot of balls to walk into someones house to take what you have not earned and have no right to take. You have no idea how insane the homeowner nor do you know if Walther PPK  is a darn good friend. Now, granted, if you are as high as high could  be, you believe your are superman and will kill to get your fix of Oxycontin. One woman got beat up as she walked in on two guys robbing the house and while I would be so pissed ad scared, I think the two morons that did it were even more afraid.
A good burglar cases the area and steal without leaving a trace. You might not even know anything is gone right away. The people coming here to steal are currently using a young 19-20 year old girl to knock on doors like she is going to her friends house. Asks if friend is home and then when she is told wrong house she moves along. Her partners in crime wait at the end of the street. And scene.

What will happen if these absolute idiots come across someone who has no issues using their shotgun? How sad that one of these "burglars" are going to lose their life or take one all for what? Drugs? A medical bill? A car payment? Rent? Is this how beaten down our society is now? Would distributing illegal drugs as legal stop this type of neanderthal behavior? I am not sure. Bad seeds are bad seeds, but if theses jerks needed a fix and could go get one with their insurance, would it stop them from casing neighborhoods and stealing valuables? I would love a trial test of this. Crime is crime, but there has to be a way to help people feel safe as well as prevent anyone from getting hurt.

As an homage to my title, here is Jane's Addiction., "Been Caught Stealing"


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