Thursday, February 9, 2012

Where Would You Go?

Have you ever wanted to just pick up and relocate? Maybe even travel the world a few times over? How about just moving to three random countries or states? Granted it would take serious planning to make it happen, but wouldn't it be just wonderful? This post on Apartment Therapy talks about doing such a thing.
My husband and I have discussed one day buying an RV and just driving across America. Even before we had a child we would say, if we had a child, we want to pull him/her out of school either during 7th or 8th grade and travel. Give the child experiences that they would not ever have in school. Now with our little one actually here this road trip may become a real possibility.

When my husband was looking for a job over five years ago, he had applied to positions in NYC, Seattle, even Bordeaux, France. We are in NJ so NYC had no relocation issues tied to it. Seattle would not be too bad since we have friends and relatives on the West Coast. The possibility of France was very exciting and it came with all sorts of baggage; dog being quarantined, my French is wretched. But we would have been living in wine country :) Alas, none if it came to fruition. NYC did but then the job moved to NJ so big moves. Well, just buying the house, but no cross country or intercontinental living.

I have always joked that I would love to move to Perth, Australia. This is simply because it is the most isolated Metropolis in the world. Silly? Maybe, but if one was to move randomly, why not some place different then your own? Naturally you would make sure it is not a dangerous or overly destitute place. One still has to make a living and it is all about the experience.

Here is a list of places, regardless of the current worldwide economic nightmare, that I would consider moving to for a little while. Some of them I have visited, some I have not.

Perth, Australia - Isolated Metropolis, Coastal, what is not to love?

Sausalito, California - Been there and it is stunning. Looks like Greece with all these houses on the hillside. It is also costs as much as a small country to live there.

Auckland, New Zealand - Just looks divine.

Barcelona, Spain - Husband loved it and I know darn well I would with all that fabu art and food.

London, England - One of my favorite cities in the world. The Anglophile in me would be giddy to get a chance to live there.

Edinburgh, Scotland - Watched a PBS Mystery series called "Case Histories" and Edinburgh was the backdrop and it was magnificent looking.

Asheville, North Carolina - Been here twice and we absolutely love it.

Portland, Oregon - A little too hipster, but I like the food and organic living aspect of the city.

La Jolla, California - You need big bucks to live here, but it is gorgeous and for once I would like to try living where there is no snow.

Santa Fe, New Mexico - Artsy, good food and desert living would be so different to what I am used to that I would like to try it out.

Buenos Aires, Argentina - Tango and food galore. Enough said.

Florence, Italy - Favorite city in Italy. Would go back in a heartbeat.

Montreal, Canada - French living with a Canadian twist. Spent part of our honeymoon here and have been dying to get back.

No doubt I will add places over time and that alone is very exciting. I think everyone should dream like this. You may not get to go everywhere you want or even relocate, but the possibilities are endless and I believe if you want it bad enough you can make it happen.


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