Wednesday, February 15, 2012

No One Said It Would Be Easy

Motherhood is not a walk in the park nor did I ever think it was. Learning how to squeeze writing in between feedings, laundry, taking dog out, going for stroll with baby and household chores has been nerve racking. I swear I have been editing the same page for five days. Right now I am typing as the little guy hangs on my shoulder. He does hang in his bouncy or bassinet, but if not, he is in a baby carrier on me or just in my arms. I am the Queen of one handed typing now. Okay, back on track here. The evening brings a race against time as I cook dinner, finish up tasks around the house and shower. With help from the hubby and luck, I can maybe write for about half an hour to an hour. Of course, the more the little guy naps, the more I get done, but I also really enjoy spending time with him when he is alert and doing tummy time. Even when he naps on me I find it so incredibly soothing. This is where I get conflicted. Sure I can just put him down so I can write, but it is easier to fight to find the time to bring a story to life instead of missing a moment with the little man. I guess the struggle for balance is not so hard. The real difficulty is allowing myself to be more flexible with my publishing goal and recognizing that I will get it done. Just a little later then I had hoped.

And just because, here is a nice French kitchen.


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