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No One Said It Would Be Easy

Motherhood is not a walk in the park nor did I ever think it was. Learning how to squeeze writing in between feedings, laundry, taking dog out, going for stroll with baby and household chores has been nerve racking. I swear I have been editing the same page for five days. Right now I am typing as the little guy hangs on my shoulder. He does hang in his bouncy or bassinet, but if not, he is in a baby carrier on me or just in my arms. I am the Queen of one handed typing now. Okay, back on track here. The evening brings a race against time as I cook dinner, finish up tasks around the house and shower. With help from the hubby and luck, I can maybe write for about half an hour to an hour. Of course, the more the little guy naps, the more I get done, but I also really enjoy spending time with him when he is alert and doing tummy time. Even when he naps on me I find it so incredibly soothing. This is where I get conflicted. Sure I can just put him down so I can write, but it is easier to fight to find the time to bring a story to life instead of missing a moment with the little man. I guess the struggle for balance is not so hard. The real difficulty is allowing myself to be more flexible with my publishing goal and recognizing that I will get it done. Just a little later then I had hoped.

And just because, here is a nice French kitchen.



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A little bit of this and a little bit of that

I have made a painting for our living room where I sewed a dress onto a canvas. Now I need pages from a decadent book, get them on there and the piece will be complete. I will take a picture once it is done to share. It was a lot of fun to do and if I knew I could make money selling them, I would do more.

We have decided to forgo a built in bookcase in the living room. While I love the whole idea of some accent piece in the living room,I would rather it be the books and art work, not the bookcase/media center that would be holding it. So now we are looking at furniture similar to this console from Ballard Design. Just at a much better price.

This display from the blog Chic Provence makes me want to grow wisteria for the rest of my life and only dine under a fabulous pergola.

Theresa Burger, I love, love, love your resin rings.

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And not necessarily a wise one. Human beings like to collect things. Whether it is comic books, Dr Who paraphernalia, baseball cards, guns or weird cat art, for some reason we have a need to hunt and gather. I am not very good at things like Ebay or Craigslist. I basically suck at bidding and I get lazy about checking every hour for the possibility that someone may have posted/listed something I want.

Until now.

Recently I have gotten a bee in my big ass bonnet to locate a great deal on the following furniture pieces.

Hoosier Cabinet

I want this awesome piece of furniture for my kitchen so I can eliminate most of my upper cabinets and have a place for flour to sift out of because that would make me so cool. Some are wood, some are retro metal, all that matters it is a multi-functional piece of art that would be amazing to own..

Pie Safe

I don't make pies and that is irrelevant to my desire for one of these.

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Took a hiatus. Yeah, I am sure you all noticed. Been trying to get things moving along and with that I had to slack and so I slacked on the blog. Now allow me to share our little artificial tree that our son and his grandma decorated with glee.

In the last two months or so, I no longer bring my computer upstairs. Instead I have started to read at night. While this may not sound like any big deal, it is a little for me. I love to read, but due to school, home, obligations, and writing a novel, I somehow pushed reading an actual book to the side.  Like a lot of folks I got more caught up in the rabbit hole of the internet. Now, I do love getting sucked down various rabbit holes, but I also felt that I needed to actually unplug.
Allow me to sidebar a bit here.

I had been struggling with my book for a very long time. In the last 6 months or so it got worse. I had lost the true nature of the story and could no longer hear the character voice. I am not the first writer this has happened to…