Friday, February 24, 2012

Is It Friday?

Oh my how the week has flown. I blame most of it on lack of sleep since I have been getting up for the night feedings so my head is all foggy. Yes, I could wake my husband up for the 5am feed, but if the baby talking loudly and giving a small cry does not rouse him, why poke him awake? Though it did cross my mind this morning because I was and still feel like, a zombie. Because of that, this post will have absolutely no coherence. Just rambling. Good times.

Writing: as limited as you would think. I am getting frustrated at myself, but I also try to cut myself some slack. While I have been editing my bounty hunter story, ideas on how to hone up the plot for my other book have been popping up. Changes. Changes. Yeah, nothing but changes. I have been thinking of ways to improve the personal story of the Angel of Death. I think I got it. I hope I got it. I would love e a week where I sit in a writing cabin and bang these stories out.

This next admittance is pretty amusing. I have begun watching The Vampire Diaries. Cheesy? Absolutely, but it is a fun ride at times. The acting is decent and while the story line is as far fetched as fantasy can be, there are so many holes in the story you can rinse lettuce in this colander, it still holds my interest. Of course I am so tired of hearing about vampires, thank you crap that is called Twilight, that I was hesitant to watch it for many months. But now, thanks to Netflix, I have been sucked in to the darn show.

I think I need to make this cheesy pull apart bread. Look how scrumptious!

As a reader, writer and lover of all things books, this literary food-themed dinner party is an awesome idea.

That's all folks!


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