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Balance, Flexibility and Sweets

One thing I have noticed is that once you have a child the days pretty much fly by. I mean, their eating schedules, if they are on one, are pretty much to chow down every 2-3 hours. As one bottle gets finished, you are eyeing the clock seeing how much time you have until the next bottle gets prepared. This includes trying to get a breast feeding and/or pumping session in. I am learning to find that fine balance of when I can write, last night at 10:30pm I was doing some choice work, and when I can do laundry, shower, etc. Do not misunderstand me, I am enjoying my new excursion into this foreign zone known as "Motherhood",  but it is no small feat. Imagine being a homesteader back in the day. I assume you strapped the baby on your back or front or put them in a basket near by as you worked in the fields or took care of the livestock. We received three different baby carriers as gifts and we have just started using one of them. The baby seems to dig it which is wonderful. I want to be able to work in my vegetable garden and bring the little guy along. I have no illusions that there will be days where that will not work, but flexibility is key. Luckily I am not someone who abhors change. This is the BIGGEST change I have ever gone through and the learning curve is a steep one. Ha ha!
Being flexible means I have learned to write at the oddest of moments. You have no choice but to take the opportunity when it presents itself. Gone is the leisure of my writing routine. Now it is more of a "do it when you can" type of situation. As tired as I was last night, I had to make myself edit. I swear to God, if I ever get to self publish this I will not care if it ever sells, I lie, but really, the fact that I get it up to be sold will be a stellar achievement. This will also mean I can get back to my Angel of Death story. No wonder writers have assistants and housekeepers when they have the beaucoup bucks. Okay, not all of them do, but every day life does interfere with writing plot lines.
One good thing is my husband is very supportive and encourages me to keep moving forward when I get those pockets of time where I can actually feel like an author. Amen to that.
The other thing I am on the path to mastering is cooking with an infant. I bring the baby in the bouncy seat into the kitchen and voila! I can cook or bake without a fuss and the greatest of ease. 

You believed me for a second didn't you? Foolish reader.

Babies get overstimulated very easily. Too many bells, whistles and hoopla and they sort of freak out. even though our little one has no issue with fireworks going off when he sleeps, it can still get to be too much after awhile. The other fun thing is that babies will almost always prefer you as opposed to any man made contraption that has been devised to soothe them. As far as a baby is concerned you can shove that bouncy seat, stroller, swing or whatever up your tush because it is not you. I bring this up because today I chose to make a peanut butter chocolate chip coffee cake from a recipe I found on Annie's Eats blog. Oh does my house smell divine right now! Anyway, my husband went to shower so the baby came to hang out in the kitchen. After a few minutes of tolerating me chatting with him as he sat in the bouncy seat, the realization that he was not  in my arms displeased him immensely. Needless to say, I can use a hand mixer and hold a baby with his head on my shoulder pretty well. That's right, I am cultivating some serious skills here.

In keeping with the suggestion I made of reading books that I normally wouldn't, I checked out my library catalog online and ordered Destiny of the Republic: A Tale of Madness, Medicine and the Murder of a President. I gotta say, it sounds darn intriguing and I am excited to start reading. This of course means I will need to be flexible with when I can actually sit down and read and I believe that I will able to manage it just fine.



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