Thursday, January 5, 2012


Sorry things have been hectic here as our child decided to be born on Christmas Day as opposed to January 2nd. Already a troublemaker. That is my kind of kid. ;-)

Anyway, this  New Year's wish post from Neil Gaiman is just perfect and gets a ditto from me.

I have also been trying to find time to edit my novel and get it up on Amazon. All in due time.

I finished reading I, Lucifer. I enjoyed the story and there were sections of the novel that were very funny. Lucifer is the narrator and he is saucy. God offers him a spot back in heaven but first he must live in a suicide victims body for a month and be human. There were times it was raunchy and went off the rails of the crazy train, thank you Ozzy, but I would have liked a little more debauchery. It is certainly not a novel for everyone, but that could be an interesting New Year's resolution. Read a book or two that you would normally pass up. I should take my own advice and I think I shall. Keep in mind that I am not encouraging anyone to go out and read crap, but then again, why not? Sometimes a book that makes you want to vomit across the room can be fun. Right?

Merry New Year!


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