Thursday, December 22, 2011

House Envy Part Deux


Like kitchens, they can be an oasis, a place to linger or they can be a place you do your business and get the hell out!  If one has a place to soak, relax and spa then it is lovely. Then again, most of us do not have the space to accommodate a massive retreat so what does one do? The least you can do is make it somewhat enjoyable when taking a shower or brushing your teeth. So says the woman whose shower does not work in the upstairs bath and has the evil poorly grouted pink bathroom on the first floor. I know I gripe about this a lot, but it does amaze me when someone will do shoddy work and live with it. Grrrrr! We are aiming to get the second floor done in the spring. Fingers are crossed!

Anyhoo, while a black bathroom will most likely not occur in our house, I do like the look of this one taken back in 2009 at a Brooklyn townhouse.

Now, while I do adore the color purple, I am not sure I could do this, but it is well executed. Here is link to full house tour.

This bathroom gives off a nice masculine vibe. Here is full house tour.

Not one of my favorites, but I believe in sharing all types of bathroom finds. The tiles sort of throw me off, but I am sure it is really nice in person. Full house tour.

Had we been blessed with black and white tile in the downstairs instead of hideous pink, this would have been an awesome color direction to go in for sure. Full House Tour.

And now, for over the top, how do you feel about a big, clear glass tub? Boston Home post.

Many people would say that what you do matters, especially when it comes to resale. I say it is better to do what you really want, especially if you have no intention of selling the house in the next ten years. Why live with bland or lack of character when you can do it up a little differently? 


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