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Ahhhh Design

The old standard theme rooms for baby nurseries do not work for me. Disney is a no no and anything too genderized, boy means blue and girl means pink, is totally against my sensibilities. When we found out that we would be put to the ultimate life test and become parents one of my thoughts were, "How to decorate?'

Okay, not really, but it sounded good right?

Actually, my husband is a comic book geek. I can appreciate this to a point. Most of his collection sits in a box in the closet and this makes me twitch. Reason being that some of the cover artwork is stunning and deserves to be displayed. So using my genius I persuaded him that we should frame a few to put up in the nursery as artwork. No matter if it was a boy or a girl, the comic books were going up. X-Men, Batman and a few others were chosen and framed. I have to say it looks really awesome and this inspired him to pull out his Star Wars bobble heads and put them out on a shelf in the room as well.
I know that as parents were are not to be too influential using our taste to define our kid. If I was really going to push ourselves on the baby there would be music posters, a skateboard or two and a drum kit all set up already. This would then set up our child to be my version of a skateboarding, Dave Grohl. A mom can dream can't she? But instead we settled for the economical route and used what we had. Sometimes a collection can work to ones advantage, thank the Baby Jesus.
We also hung up the Bekvam spice racks from IKEA and used them to display the books we received at our baby shower. Me being a big reader and writer, I am hoping the little one becomes just as passionate about books. Okay, I need to get back on track here.
Since we are encouraging the DC/Marvel Comics characters, I was giddy with power to come across these unique Superhero prints by Liam Brazier. I love the abstract vibe and vivid colors. And if eventually he does not want them in his room, we will be more than happy to hang them in the hallway or even the living room. I like art that can be moved about the house. No reason to restrict something to only one room or area. When we were at IKEA not too long ago they had a picture of a hand slamming a phone down. It was totally done a la Roy Lichtenstein, another fave of hubby, and will also be going up in the nursery.

I am not a fan of every nursery showcased on Ohdeedoh, but I wanted to share a slew of rooms that have been done with flair. Most people want rooms that can be transitional to toddler to kid to even tween. What I really like is the choice of colors, even the overly girly and boy ones because they are done very well. You could even incorporate a lot of the elements into a kitchen, living room, etc. As the old saying goes, "You've come a long way baby!"



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